When To Hire A Plumber Vs. DIY Plumbing Project

image of plumber Palmer PAWhen you own your own home, you have, more than likely, performed some plumbing repairs yourself. Fixing a leaky faucet, repairing toilet hardware, and installing washing machine hoses are examples of tasks that are within the ability of most people. However, when tasks become more complicated, it’s better to let professionals handle the task.

Questions To Ask Beforehand

Like many building professionals, plumbers are trained and certified to handle complicated tasks. Because they have the knowledge and the proper tools, they can do the job quickly and accurately. They can also do them with the safety precautions necessary than you would be able to on your own. Before heading out to a home improvement store, ask yourself the following questions before attempting a plumbing project on your own:

  • Does the job require pulling a permit? Even though you can pull it yourself, permits are usually required for more complicated projects like remodeling. Therefore, if you’re moving pipes in a bathroom remodel or installing new fixtures for a remodel, better to have a plumber do the job.
  • Does the job require a blowtorch? If you’re welding pipe together, you’ll need one. Very few people know how to use one properly. It requires special training. For this reason, it would be best to contact a plumber.
  • Do your efforts on a drain backup appear to have no effect? Drain backups can occur well beyond where a plumber’s snake can reach. Typically, when you use a snake for a clog and the clog doesn’t go away, this indicates that the problem is located somewhere down the line. The problem can be located in a sewer line. Professionals have the proper diagnostic tools to discover the source of the clog.

Many complicated plumbing jobs can require not only a permit. They might also require an inspection from local authorities. Professional plumbers know local codes and will make sure that the job meets and even exceed codes.

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Replacing Old Or Burst Pipes

Simple wear and tear will eventually cause pipes to wear out necessitating replacements. Often, the problem starts slowly with nagging leaks the increase in intensity. At other times, your pipes will burst open at a weak point, necessitating an immediate water shut off and emergency repair. Improper installation of new pipes can cause further damage to your system and result in more unexpected expenses. A professional will do it right the first time.

An Under-performing or Faulty Water Heater

Your water heater is much more than just part of your plumbing system. This is especially the case if you have one powered by natural gas. Just like preventive maintenance for your HVAC system, the connection on the system needs to be carefully maintained. This will keep you and the other inhabitants of your home safe. Consequently, incorrect work or installation can cause hazards to develop over time.

Toilet Backup and Low Water Pressure

Typically, a clog in the main sewer line is the most common cause of toilets backing up into showers and drains. However,  a variety of other factors may play a part. Likewise, low water pressure may be due to different problems. A licensed plumber will know what clues to look for and which walls to open if necessary.


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Sometimes it is best to just call a plumber before you take on a plumbing project that is too much to handle. Many homeowners make the mistake of starting a plumbing a project and realizing halfway that they need the help of a plumber. Be sure to make you decision to DIY if you really feel that you can handle it.

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