Top Bathtub Replacement Signs

woman enjoying a bathBathtubs are ideal sanctuaries as they are private, comfortable, and an excellent way to end a stressful day. It can help the mind relax and allow the body aches to subside. While in the tub, we can listen to our favorite songs, drink a nice glass of wine, or read a good book. We can reassess our plans and make mental notes in solitude.

Since bathtubs provide us with many benefits, we need to take good care of it through repairs and replacement when necessary. After all, like all the fixtures in our home, bathtubs do require a replacement after some use.

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Top Signs You Need A Bathtub Replacement

Below are the signs that a bathtub replacement is imminent:

1. Bathtub Leak

Cracks and gaps can develop over time. After all, tubs bear our weight as well as that of water almost daily. Wear and tear should be expected. You will know that you are dealing with a leak if you find puddles below the tub after using it. You could also fill it with water and close the drain without doing anything else. Come back in a few hours to check whether the water level stayed the same. If it went down, then you are probably dealing with a leak. You could have it repaired, but the problem usually recurs. A bathtub replacement is usually the best solution.

2. Bathtub Stains Won’t Come Out

stained bathtubNew tubs are immaculately clean. We may try our best to keep them that way, but their age will eventually show. One telltale sign of aging is stain. This is often due to the minerals present in the water, but it could also be due to chemicals or other things. They make the bathtub look dirty, unsightly, and uninviting. Long baths aren’t appealing if the tub is filled with stains. Sometimes it is possible to clean the whole thing. At other times, the case is too serious that only a replacement can make a real difference.

3. Mold And Mildew In The Bathtub

Aside from stains, homeowners should look out for signs of mold and mildew. The dark patches in and around the tub certainly merit attention. Aside from being eyesores, they can also reduce the home’s value and put the family’s health at risk.

Their spores can trigger coughs, migraines, allergies, rashes, tingling, numbness, and neurological symptoms. This can lead to a dangerous situation if left unchecked. Even if you don’t take a bath in the tub, you can still be affected just by living in a house with the menace. Replace the tub and remove the mold at the same time for optimal results.

4. Accessibility

bathtub for elderlyPeople will have different needs and capabilities as they age. A tub that used to be big and enticing can seem small and difficult after a while.

Those with disabilities may have problems getting in and out of the tub such that they need assistance. Others may feel like they might fall or slip because of it.

Consider replacing the current tub with something that has a better design in terms of accessibility. Some models are specifically targeted towards the elderly and the disabled. Perhaps these might be attractive options for the family.

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5. Bathtub Comfort

Since many consider bathtubs as spaces for rejuvenation, they should feel comfortable for the people using them. The problem is that comfort is relative. Older tubs that used to be great when we were younger may no longer accommodate our longer legs or our more considerable heft. In some cases, slippage can become an issue because of the shape of the tub. While this may not be an emergency, it would be best to start saving up for a newer, bigger, and better model.

It is hard to deny the importance of a bathtub. Homeowners should keep this space clean and inviting. If there are significant concerns, then an expert should be consulted about bathtub replacement as soon as possible.

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