Plumbing Tips For New Homeowners

plumbing tips for homeownersBeing a homeowner means taking charge of everything that happens within the premises, including any plumbing issues that might come about. You could always call a plumber for major issues, but minor concerns can be taken care of with a few simple tricks. You don’t have to be intimidated even if this is your first time owning a home.

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Important & Essential Plumbing Tips For Homeowners

Below are a few plumbing tips for new homeowners that will surely prove useful:

1. Flush Your Toilet With A Bucket

Few things are more troubling than a toilet that doesn’t flush if you don’t know how to fix it. You could run to your nearest neighbor to use their toilet, but this could be embarrassing for some, especially if you have to do so all the time. One way to cope is through the use of a bucket of water. Pour several liters at a time for a manual flush. If it doesn’t work the first time, then find a bigger bucket.

2. Unclog Clogs With A Plunger

There is no escaping clogs around the house. It may not happen right away, but you will encounter this problem eventually. It’s best to know how to deal with before it occurs so that you won’t have to panic. Always have a plunger on standby as this is an excellent tool against clogs. Plungers can suck the particles that are blocking the water’s path. When dealing with sinks, it is also possible to open the pipes below to remove the blockage manually. However, when dealing with problematic clogs, it is best to call a local plumbing company.

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3. Tighten Nuts And Bolts On Your Plumbing Fixtures With Hex Keys

plumbing toolsThe plumbing fixtures will be secured with nuts and bolts. These have to be tightened to prevent leaks and loosened to remove parts during repairs.

Hex keys are the tools of choice for such jobs. Be sure to have a set within easy reach so you can do these simple jobs yourself. Note that there are special tools for various shapes and sizes. They can also be used for other things such as fixing bikes, treadmills, and so on. Professional plumbers will have a complete set.

4. Locate Water Leaks Using Water Valves

Household leaks are notoriously difficult to spot. Homeowners can feel helpless, seeing their water bills rise exponentially despite normal consumption. You may see a wet spot on the ground, but the actual leak could be located somewhere else.

A good way to isolate the problem area is to open and close the water valves strategically. See whether the water meter moves despite closing the main indoor valve. This indicates an outdoor pipe leak.

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5. Cover Drains With A Strainer

Why wait for a clog to unfold? Be proactive with prevention by putting a strainer on top of every drain. This will let water pass without problems while catching things that might eventually cause a blockage like hair and non-biodegradable waste. These are usually plastic or metal with the latter being the better option. Empty the strainer every once in a while to keep the flow of water steady and avoid attracting pests.

6. Confirm Toilet Leaks With Food Coloring

toilet leakIn case you suspect that your toilet’s tank is leaking, you can use food coloring to confirm it. Add a blue dye to the toilet tank to make it more visible. Any color will do, but it’s best to use something that will be in contrast with the existing color.

If you see blue streaks down the toilet bowl even if you’re not flushing, then there is indeed a leak that needs more considerable attention.

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7. Clean Faucets With Vinegar

The water we get in our households is not 100% pure. There will be metals and minerals mixed in with them. These are usually low enough such that they don’t affect our health. However, mineral deposits can build up inside the pipes and fixtures which cause problems. If you notice white spots in and around your faucet, then remove these temporarily for cleaning. Soak the parts in vinegar to dislodge the unwanted substances before brushing and rinsing them off.

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These simple tips can save you from a lot of stress in the future. Try these out for immediate relief. If you do feel overwhelmed with a particular problem, then call an experienced plumber for help.

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