Ways That Modern Plumbing Has Changed The World

Many people take the plumber for granted but this is because they do not know that this expert has made great contributions to environmental sanitation, disease control and convenience. Below are some great ways modern plumbing has changed the world.

A Toilet You Can Flush

toilet after plumbing services Easton PABefore the invention of the flush toilet, the most popular toilet was a hole in the ground. In some cases, human beings simply strolled to nearby bushes and emptied their bowels there. Some people defecated in rivers and streams and others had a potty right in their bedrooms. These practices had terrible effects on health and sanitation. A smart man called Thomas Crapper popularized the use of the flush toilet and the rest is history. Today, the flush toilet ensures that human beings get rid of feces in a safe and sanitary manner. The result is fewer cases of typhoid fever, cholera and dysentery. Now, you can praise medical doctors, sanitary engineers and epidemiologists all you want but you should not forget one vital fact. The plumber installs and maintains the flush toilet so this professional deserves commendation and respect.

Instant Hot Water

In many parts of the civilized world today, instant hot water is taken for granted. Just turn on the faucet and you get as much hot water as you need. You need hot water for a refreshing bath on a cold winter day. You also need hot water to disinfect hospital floors, toilets and bathrooms because it is a potent germ killer. Each time you use instant hot water, remember the plumber that made it possible and thank him or her for this minor miracle.

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Underground Sewage Lines

These days, the idea of the above ground sewage line is simply inconceivable. The truth is that some years ago, most people had no sewers at all. After a while, some people had sewers. Initial sewer systems were above ground and attracted flies, roaches and rats. This atrocious system led to outbreaks of cholera, typhoid fever and polio. These days, the underground sewage line is almost compulsory in many parts of the world. This has reduced the spread of diseases that thrive in fecal matter. In addition, you can go about your business without having to worry about the stench of open sewers and “open-air toilets”. Experts in plumbing are responsible for the construction and maintenance of sewage lines so we owe a lot to them.

Indoor Plumbing

plumbing pipesPlumbing is not all about health and sanitation. Plumbing gives you convenience and comfort in your homes and offices. Indoor plumbing is a network of pipes and fittings that add style and glamour to your life. If you want to take a shower on a hot day, you just step into the shower and help yourself to this luxury. You want to relax in your bathtub or Jacuzzi; you just go right ahead because the plumber has installed all you need to enjoy this convenience.

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Today, we are enjoying increased life expectancy, better sanitation and high standards of hygiene. Medical researchers, pharmaceutical experts and epidemiologists take credit for the good life we enjoy these days. However, plumbers have made and continue to make vital contributions to sanitation and convenience. Know this and thank a plumber today.

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