What To Look For When You Need A Water Softener Repair

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Water often contains impurities. If these are calcium and manganese, we call the water “hard.” The level of hardness depends on the mineral concentration. Hard water is safe to drink, but it can create problems around the house. If you don’t want to deal with these, you can install a water softener to make them go away. The hardness of the water decreases after passing through it. You will see and feel the difference. This reliable water softening system should serve you well for years, but it may require a quick water softener repair if you see the following signs.

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Common Signs Its Time To Call For Water Softener Repair

Keep reading to explore some of the tell-tale signs you need a repair for your water-softening system.

1. Decreased Salt Usage

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Softeners use salt to induce hardness reduction. Owners will need to refill the container every few weeks. After a while, you might find yourself using less salt to fill the water softener. If this is happening despite no changes in your household usage, something is wrong. The tank is not using the salt correctly. Perhaps the salt hardened due to excess humidity, creating a salt bridge. Call a plumber to help you break the salt without damaging the system. An experienced plumber can solve the problem in no time at all, so you can have perfectly functioning equipment.

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2. White Residue Everywhere

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When using water with high amounts of calcium, bits of the mineral may stick to surfaces and become visible once the liquid evaporates. You will see a white powdery residue on your dishes, pots, plates, and clear glasses. You can try to wash them off, but they will keep returning. The chalk may also be present around appliances like washing machines, dishwaters, and blenders. Even the water pipes may have traces of white powder. These should disappear when you install a water softener. If they come back, the system is not doing its job. You need to investigate why the water turned hard again.

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3. Less Bubbles than Usual

When you do your laundry, you might notice that less bubbles form despite using the same amount of soap. It is also the same brand, so what is happening there? The cause may be hard water. The minerals can react with the soap to form scum. Less of the cleaning agent is available to form bubbles, hence the change. Detergent will not form scum even in the presence of calcium, but some of it may still react with the mineral. You will get the same result in terms of bubble quantity. If you see this sign, check whether any of the other items listed are present in your home. It may be time for softener repair.

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4. Dry Skin & Hair

image of dry frizzy hair due to water softener not working

A lot of people can shrug off white residue and fewer bubbles. However, many begin to draw the line when they notice dryness on their skin and hair. These are side effects of hard water. It will not happen overnight. You may see the difference after several months. Using a moisturizing lotion can help you keep dry skin at bay, but it is far better to deal with the root cause. The water should not be hard in your home if you are using a softener. It will counter the mineral content for as long as you refill it with ample salt. If it is not doing its job, it is time for repairs.

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5. Lower Water Pressure

The mineral residue may seem trivial, prompting you to ignore them around the house. You may even get used to their presence that they almost become invisible. However, the particles can form multiple layers on different surfaces. It can happen inside water pipes. The diameter will get smaller over time, preventing the movement of liquid across the channel. At some point, you may notice a significant drop in water pressure. It could make showers a chore. It could prevent you from watering your plants effectively. Call a plumber to fix the pipes and the water softener.

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6. Sink Stains

Other signs to watch out for are stains on the sink, bathtub, toilet, and tiles. These tend to appear as yellowish streaks. They will not disappear that easily, especially if they have been on these surfaces for a while. You need a lot of muscle or perhaps an electric brush to make them go away. Vinegar and other chemicals that neutralize the minerals can also help. The problem is that they will just keep coming back, so you will have to keep cleaning. With a properly working water softener, you would not be dealing with this. Have it repaired as soon as possible.


7. Fabric Discoloration

Do you like light-colored fabrics? Perhaps you or someone in your family wears a white uniform. Wash it well so it stays immaculate. Separate this from dark-colored clothes and use mild detergents. If the clothes turn yellow despite your best efforts, perhaps you are dealing with hard water. You need to check your water softener because it should stop this from happening. If this is happening along with similar signs, you need to schedule repairs.

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Hard water is common. As water flows around the world, random particles mix with the liquid. Minerals make it hard, but it does not have to stay that way. You can reduce mineral concentration by installing a water softener and keeping it in top shape. Subtle signs of malfunction are easy to overlook. Get familiar with the list above to catch them right away. Call a plumber for help if you need repairs.

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