Save $50.00 on water softeners installed in your Lehigh Valley home or business

marlo water softenerNot only does hard water taste bad, it also leads to problems within your plumbing system. Conditioning your water with a water softener is a great way to protect your pipes from the damage that hard water can cause. At Robinson Plumbing, we offer various solutions to improve the quality of your water by removing minerals & metals.

Problems caused by hard water

A lot of plumbing problems can be attributed to hard water and the build up of minerals in plumbing pipes. This type of build up can result in slow draining and potential clogging problems. Additionally, mineral build up in pipes may result in corrosion, leading to further complications and damage. Hard water can also adversely react with soap making the soap sticky, less effective and less able to lather. All of these problems may lead to plumbing complications in your kitchen and bathroom.

Some potential hard water complications are:‚Äč

The Benefits of Water Softeners

There are a number of ways to reduce the levels of minerals in your water supply. The use of a water softener is one of the more popular methods due to their effectiveness and affordable price points. Also, water softeners last a long time when they are properly maintained. Robinson Plumbing has expert plumbers who understand what is required to install and maintain a water softening system.

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