Common Issues With Hard Water

hard water issuesThe chemical compound of water is H2O. It means that water is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. However, did you know that tap water doesn’t only contain 100% pure H20?

Hard water is water that has a high mineral count. These minerals are mostly magnesium and calcium. Other minerals present can be iron, manganese, and aluminum. Although these minerals aren’t necessarily harmful to ingest, they can cause damage to your plumbing pipes. In some areas, hard water carries bacteria.

Our water supply goes through a heavy filtration and conditioning process before it gets to your home. If you have a private well, then, more than likely, you use a water filtration device. What most homes lack, however, is protection from hard water.

Luckily, you can install a water softener to mitigate this problem. Contact Robinson Plumbing to get a water softener professionally installed. It is a great way to protect your home from the numerous issues that hard water causes.

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Water Softener Installation Macungie PA: Issues With Hard Water

In this article, we will discuss common plumbing issues you will encounter when dealing with hard water.

Water Tastes Or Smells Funny

An indicator that your home has hard water issues is by checking the taste and smell of your tap water. It can also mean that, other than minerals, your water has bacterial content.

When you drink water, and it leaves a metallic taste in your mouth, then there is too much iron in your water. This metallic taste potentially happens more often when you’re using groundwater. Iron gets picked up from the soil. Sometimes, it could also cause your water to taste like dirt. Algal blooms in your pipes can also leave your water tasting like mold.

Also, your water could end up smelling like rotten eggs. This nasty smell is caused by sulfates, which is a result of naturally occurring hydrogen sulfide gas or bacteria that reacts with magnesium.


Soap Scum

mineral deposit on shower headSoap scum is the white, hard water spots you see on your shower walls or bathtub. These spots are a result of hard water that evaporates and, consequently, left calcium deposits behind. Soap scum can accumulate all over your bathroom because the soap and the minerals in your hard water do not work well together. If you have shower curtains, soap scum can leave a microbial biofilm in it. This biofilm might have bacteria that can spread diseases to you and your family.

Also, since hard water runs in the plumbing system throughout your home, you might find soap scum on your plates and glasses as well. You might need to clean your bathroom and dishes frequently to remove these white stains thoroughly.

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Clogged Pipes

The minerals in your hard water can accumulate over time. Therefore, it can clog your pipes. This issues commonly happen with old, steel pipes. This buildup can constrict the flow of water. It can cause low water pressure. Also, it can create unpleasant backups. You will need to call a trusted plumber to fix these plumbing issues.

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Appliance Wears Out Easily

Mineral deposits can cause deterioration on appliances that use water. For instance, if you have an ice maker in your fridge, it will stop working altogether due to deposit clogs. Also, according to the American Water Works Association, your washing machine wears out 30 percent faster than usual because of hard water.

Hard water also causes your appliances to be less efficient. When your appliances use more energy than necessary, you will have high energy utility bills at the end of each month. Overall, hard water causes unnecessary costs in the long run.

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Skin Irritation

Hard water does not entirely wash away the soap from your body when you shower. Because it leaves soap residue on your skin, your skin tends to dry out and itch. It is because the mineral deposits on the water suck the moisture out of your skin.

Moreover, hard water can cause eczema, especially in children. Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is a condition which leaves your skin red and itchy. Hard water can also aggravate other skin conditions your family members might have. When the water in your home is causing health issues, it is time to think about water softener installation.

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