Top Reasons That Cause Leaking Pipes

Updated: 07/21/2022
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When water pipes leak inside a building, several problems may arise as a result. For starters, water damage may compromise the structure of your building. Secondly, water leaks may create a damp environment inside the building, thereby making it possible for mold to grow. Thirdly, a leak can be incredibly costly due to increased water bills.

It is important to note that while some leaks are easy to notice, others cannot be seen by the naked eye and may require a professional plumber to detect. Whatever the case, be sure to hire a competent plumber to identify and fix leaks.

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Water Leak Repair Emmaus PA: Common Causes Of Leaking Pipes

In this article, we will discuss some common causes of leaks that occur in homes.

1. Frozen & Burst Plumbing Pipes

When there is a rapid temperature change, your pipes may get damaged and start leaking. For instance, if temperatures are below freezing, water inside the pipes will freeze. This situation will cause the pipes to increase in size and force the pipe to burst. This circumstance is one of the most common causes of leaking pipes around the country.

During winter, therefore, property owners need to take measures to ensure their pipes do not freeze and burst. A simple, but effective, step is to open a faucet in the kitchen or bathroom and let it drip. In case you have a leaking pipe, be sure to call a competent plumber to come and fix it.

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2. Underground Movements & The Effects On Your Plumbing

tree roots near water plumbing pipe

If underground pipes move in one way or another, you can expect them to leak. For instance, if the ground shakes during an earthquake, pipes will break and leak water. Similarly, when the roots of a surrounding tree grow, they can force water pipes upwards and bend them in the process. As a result, pipe joints may get damaged and cause a severe leak. Also, if a heavy truck is driven in the yard, the pressure exerted by the heavy vehicle may damage water pipes, thereby causing a leak.

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3. Damaged Seals Around Water Connections

When installing a dishwasher or washing machine, plumbers usually install seals around all water connections. Over time, however, these seals are bound to deteriorate. The result is a severe leak. This problem can easily be avoided through routine appliance maintenance. When you have this type of leak, you should look for a competent plumber to help you replace the seals and maintain your appliance.

4. Water Leaks & Excess Water Pressure

There are times during the day or night when most people are using water at the same time. They could be taking a shower, irrigating the lawn, doing the dishes or washing clothes. When many people are using water at the same time, water pressure usually drops. When only a few people are using water, on the other hand, water pressure usually spikes. This usually occurs at night when most people are asleep.

The high water pressure can cause plumbing problems. For starters, water may start leaking through the faucet, pipe joints and any other weak point in the plumbing system. Installation of a water pressure regulator can help to prevent this type of problem from occurring in the future.


5. Aged Plumbing Pipes

Over time, pipes often wear out and become weaker and weaker. As a result, they may start developing leaks. Whether you have PVC or metallic pipes, be sure to have them replaced as they approach the end of their useful life. The recommended pipe material is copper because it is rust-resistant and light in weight.

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6. Loose Water Connectors In Your Plumbing System

The water connectors connecting your appliances to the plumbing system can get loose for one reason or another and cause a leak. For instance, the spin cycle of your washing machine can loosen the connectors. Shifting appliances from time to time can also cause leaks. Whatever the cause of the leak, be sure to hire a licensed plumber to fix it.

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