Do You Know Where Your Main Shut-Off Valve Is?

main water shut-off valveIf you are a homeowner – or even if you rent – then there are certain things that you need to know about your property.

One such thing is the location of your main shut-off valve, also sometimes called a stop-cock. Being able to locate this valve quickly could well be the difference between a ruined home with thousands of dollars of damage or preserving your property. Read on to learn more and to quickly and easily find it.

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Water Leak Repair Allentown PA: Know Where Your Water Shut-Off Valve Is

Your home’s plumbing is designed to deliver water to each point where you might need it. That means all your taps, your shower, and your toilet. It also supplies water to your boiler.
All this water comes from local reservoirs and is then delivered to each building as it is needed. Your own plumbing system is a circuit that is part of a much larger system then.

The purpose of the shut-off valve is to allow you to turn off your supply – thereby cutting your home plumbing system off from the local water supply and thus preventing any more water coming to your taps.
This valve normally looks like a small tap, and once you’ve turned it off, it will ‘isolate’ your water supply. If you run the taps with this valve in the off position, then they will run for a couple of seconds before drying out.

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Why You Need A Water Shut-Off Valve

water leakThe reason that this is so important is simple: it allows you to minimize damage in case of a leak or any other kind of problem.

Let’s say that the worst happens and you break a pipe in your home. Water is spraying out with some force, and you’re trying your best to plug it with your hand, or a tourniquet made from whatever material you happen to have to hand.

While you may be able to slow this down, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to stop it entirely as the pressure will be too great – and you can’t stay by the pipe forever! Thus, the damage will begin to increase in your home as more and more water spreads. This can be very stressful indeed.
If you could turn off the shut-off valve at this point, then you would be able to stop the water supply and then call a plumber. While it’s an inconvenience being unable to use your appliances, it sure beats causing thousands of dollars of damage. If you have a water leak in your home, be sure to turn off the valve and call a plumber. Search for “water leak repair near me” to find a reputable plumber in your area.

Alternatively, you may wish to use your shut-off valve if you ever plan on doing a little DIY plumbing of your own. If you want to change the washer on a tap for instance or inspect why your shower won’t turn off, then shutting off the water supply can help to prevent a wet and messy incident if things should go wrong.

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Best Ways To Find Your Water Shut-Off Valve

The good news is that this valve is normally easy to find. In the vast majority of cases, it will be found in the kitchen, normally inside the cupboard under the sink. If not there, then it might be in another supply cupboard, an airing cupboard, or perhaps outside your building attached to the wall.

Turn the clock to the right (clockwise) and it will stop the water supply. You can test if this has worked by running your tap for a few moments and seeing if it runs dry.

If it does, then congratulations: you’ve successfully turned off your water supply and can now do this again in future if you should ever need to quickly!



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