How To Detect A Water Leak In Your Home

Image Of Water Leak Repair Alburtis PALeaks can waste an inordinate amount of water. They also increase the monthly bills which puts a strain on the household budget. If you suspect the presence of a water leak, then conduct a personal investigation immediately. You may also need water leak repair Alburtis PA. Motivated homeowners can follow the steps below to finally get some answers.

Is There A Leak Or Not?

Find out where your water meter is located. This is usually somewhere outside the premises. Tell everyone to stop using all of the water sources for about 60 minutes. This includes the faucets, showers, hoses, toilets, sprinklers, fountains, washers, and so on.

Note the initial reading on the meter. Make another inspection after an hour. Since no one was using the fixtures and appliances, then there should be no movement on the meter. Any change indicates that water was flowing unabated. This confirms the theory and shifts the focus from detection to isolation.

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Is It Inside Or Outside The House?

The next step would be to find the exact location of the water leak. See if the problem is coming from the inside or the outside of the structure. Find out where there main shut off valve is. If you don’t know where this is, then check the garage and the basement.

Turn this off to stop the water from getting inside the house. Now no one should be able to use the faucets even if they tried. Monitor the water meter once more. Note the initial reading and see what happens after another hour.

If there is no significant change, then it means that you stopped the leak with the shut off valve. The problem can be found somewhere inside the house. If there is a change in the readings, then the water leak is located between the main valve and the meter. Investigate accordingly if not, call a plumber to inspect your plumbing system.

Is It The Sink Or The Toilet?

If the problem is inside the premises, then check all of the plumbing fixtures. Perhaps there are signs like a wet basement floor that can provide clues. Maybe one of the faucets is giving out due to wear and tear. Replace the washer if you can. Call for a plumber otherwise.

The toilet may also be at fault. Water from the tank can leak out to the bowl. Confirm this by adding a dye to the water. Food coloring and similar items will do. The objective is to make unintended flow clearly visible. Leaks may be due to a faulty flapper valve or flush handle. Simple replace these with brand new purchases from the hardware store. These are fairly cheap and easy to install.

Is It Leaking Underground?

Parts of the plumbing system are located beneath the ground. If you have diligently repaired all other possible leak sources and the meter is still moving despite a halt in usage, then perhaps the problem is somewhere you can’t reach. Check for puddles of water and perpetually wet areas nearby such as the driveway or the curb. Call a plumber for assistance.


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A water leak is your home can be catastrophic if it is not taken care of immediately. Furthermore, you will get an expensive water bill and you will be paying for water that you have not even used. Therefore, it is a waste of water and a waste of your finances.
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