Top 5 Tips On How To Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clean

The garbage disposal is one of the most used and least appreciated appliances in the home. When these units stop working, however, everyday kitchen duties can become unnecessarily complex. Fortunately, this is one aspect of your home plumbing that you can easily keep in top condition. Following are five tips for keeping your garbage disposal clean and functioning like it should.


1. Make sure to use your garbage disposal on a regular basis.

It is actually counterproductive to simply let your garbage disposal sit. Surprisingly, less use can cause more wear and tear than it prevents. This is because regular use helps to stave off both corrosion and rust. It also prevents obstructions and build-ups by putting the interior components in motion.

2. Use A Mild Dish Soap To Rinse The Unit After Doing Dishes

Rather than simply turning your unit off and leaving the kitchen after you’ve cleaned all the dishes, take a minute to clean the interior of your appliance out. Simply squirt a small amount of liquid dish soap down the drain and then run your unit for several seconds while simultaneously running cold or lukewarm water.

3. Keep Water Temperatures Cool

Avoid running hot water while using your unit. It might seem like hot water will make it easier for this appliance to grind up and break down food, but this can actually cause certain forms of debris to melt and stick. Cold water assists in these efforts by causing softer foods to harden, thereby making them easier to move through the plumbing system. This is a vital point to note if your family eats a lot of cheese.

4. Freshen Up Your Drain With Citrus Peels

Good Smelling SinkIf you have a unit that smells less then fresh, try grinding up a few lemon or orange peels. This will cause the disposal to emit a lively, fruity scent when it is turned on, rather than the rank smell that commonly follows old ground up foods. The oils in these peels are also great for cleaning the interior components and eliminating stuck-on debris.

5. Limit The Amount Of Waste That You Put Into Your Unit

Try not to overwhelm this system with large debris or massive amounts of food at once. It is not designed to function under this type of pressure and some of the interior components can get stuck. You might try cutting larger foods into smaller pieces. It is also important to avoid introducing items that your system simply can’t process. For instance, you want to find alternative methods for disposing of oils, grease, large quantities of potato peels, cigarette butts and combustible items.

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