Toilet Maintenance: Keeping The Toilet Tank Clean

toilet repair Whitehall PAOften, the toilet tank is neglected until it fails to function effectively. Many people often fail to clean the inside of their toilet tank sometimes for years making it the perfect place to breed mold and other germs that are harmful to human health. Cleaning the tank is not a difficult task to complete. Furthermore, any good plumber worth their salt will agree that the toilet tank should be cleaned at least twice a year. Robinson Plumbing, a toilet repair Whitehall PA expert, discusses the importance of maintaining your toilet tank.

Why It Is Important To Clean The Toilet Tank

Cleaning the inside and outside of the toilet tank has a huge difference in not only ensuring the general cleanliness of the toilet, but also its durability. It is better to regularly clean and maintain the toilet rather than incurring hefty repair and replacement costs due to neglect.

Cleaning the toilet tank prevents mold from growing and accumulating inside. Mold tends to thrive under moist conditions. If the toilet is not regularly used, such as those located in basements, mold can easily grow inside the tank and even start spreading throughout the toilet.

Cleaning the tank also gets rid of dirt and debris that accumulate inside. These particles can eventually affect the longevity and use of the toilet. In addition, a buildup tends to slowly corrode the inside of the tank eating away at the steel or rubber fixtures. It also creates a foul smell.

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How To Clean The Toilet Tank

The first thing to do while cleaning out the toilet tank is to drain any water that is already inside. Make sure to turn off the water inlet at the valve, which is located beneath the tank. This prevents water from automatically filling inside the tank once it is flushed.

Spray the entire inner surface of the tank with a suitable disinfectant before scrubbing and cleaning. Leave in the disinfectant for about 15 minutes to allow it to dislodge the dirt that has accumulated inside. It also kills most of the germs breeding in the tank. Scrub the inner surface of the tank with a brush to remove dirt. Use a brush with a long enough handle to reach the bottom of the tank. Furthermore, it should be thin enough to be able to clean around the fixtures in the tank as well as its corners.

Once the tank is sparkling clean, it is recommended to use a bleach tablet to keep it germ free. In addition, it is necessary to replace any damaged parts that have been affected by wear and tear. Vinegar is effective at removing mineral deposits that collect inside the tank. One should clean the tank as many times as necessary to ensure that most of the dirt is removed. Use an appropriate rust remover to remove rust.

While regular DIY cleanliness and maintenance of the toilet tank is necessary, it is important to hire a plumber to carry out thorough plumbing inspection and maintenance. This allows one to rest assured that their toilet is clean and functioning effectively. It also prevents mold, dirt and germs from accumulating inside the tank.


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Your toilet needs attention from time to time. This includes your toilet tank. Many homeowners remember to clean the toilet bowl but there are many homeowners who have never cleaned their toilet tank. It doesn’t need to happen weekly. Just remember to do it every so often. This will help preserve your toilet and keep it operating effectively.

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