How To Prepare Your Plumbing For Your Summer Getaway

preparing your plumbing for vacationWhat are the proper steps to prep your home for summer vacation? Many people think about how to winterize their home but it needs just as much protection during the hot months of the year. Indoor flooding can become a big issue during the summertime. Your home means a great deal and taking a few extra minutes to prep your house before you leave for a few days is an excellent way to prevent coming home to a major headache. Robinson Plumbing, an expert plumbing services company in Macungie, PA, shares some useful tips on what to do before you leave on vacation below.

Shut Off The Main Water Valve

Your home has a main water valve and it’s best to turn it off before you leave. Depending on your water valve, you may have to use your hand or a wrench in order to shut off the valve. Your valve should be located next to your water meter outside or in your basement. If you have trouble locating it, contact your plumber. Having a plumbing emergency can be one of the worst problems you experience as a homeowner, especially if you’re not home. Thankfully, you can prevent your house from being flooded in this way by shutting the water completely off.

Check Your Sump Pump

Pour water into your sump pump and ensure it is working efficiently before you step out for the summer. When you pour the water in, the sump pump should turn on and begin to drain. If the water does not pump out on its own, you will need to address this before you leave. It may also be worthwhile to disconnect the washing machine as an added measure to prevent flooding. All outside faucets, hoses, and pool equipment should be turned off.

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Turn Off Your Water Heater

Turn off the water heater and drain it, this will also prevent flooding. Not having the water heater turned on will save you money, as you will not be home to need the hot water. Simply use the hose connected to the water heater to drain the water into a bucket where you can dump it out. You can use this water once it has cooled down to water your plants, garden, or lawn. If you do have a sprinkler system, be sure to set it efficiently with a timer so you can adhere to any water usage bans if necessary. The standing water in sink traps and toilets can be emptied so there are no leaks or odors building up from the water. It is worthwhile to pour drain cleaner down the drains in the bathroom to prevent foul smells and bacteria that would normally build up while you’re away.



The measures you can take to prevent big damage in your home while saving money are easy. All of the aforementioned ways to prepare your home only take a few minutes of your time and prevent a plumbing catastrophe from occurring. Your home is invaluable, many of the items that are normally turned on in your home will need to be shut off to prevent damage. None of the preventative measures are difficult and can be done by just about anyone. Save your home and save money by turning off and disconnecting appliances that require a lot of water. Draining the water heater, that continuously heats and uses water, may reduce your water bill significantly when you return.

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Most of these tasks you can do on your own. However, some might require the need for a professional to avoid plumbing problems while you are away. For a professional plumber in your area, Robinson Plumbing can assist you with any plumbing questions that you might have as well as address any of your plumbing needs. Robinson Plumbing is a local, family owned company that is known for trusted, quality service. Call us today at (610) 351-9889 or contact us for any questions that you might have!