5 Plumbing Improvements To Think About Before Selling Your Home

plumbing servicesOwners often make improvements to their properties before selling them. While repairs can result in more significant offers, nobody wants to spend too much on something that they are about to part with. It can also be difficult to decide where to put the money on to get the maximum return.

What’s clear is that there should not be any damage that could turn off future buyers. When it comes to the best repair options in terms of value for money, experts usually point to the plumbing system as a major priority. This may not be the most obvious choice, but plumbing repairs are simple and rewarding. Related updates to the bathroom and kitchen can provide a substantial return on investment.

Plumbing Services Lanark PA: Plumbing Improvements To Think About Before Selling Your Home

Read on to learn more about how you can make plumbing modifications that will result in higher property value.

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1. Tackle Minor Jobs Before Wrestling With Major Ones

The bathroom is said to mirror the state of the rest of the house. This room should look as nice as it can be, but it is not necessary to renovate the entire space. Even small upgrades can do wonders if done strategically. Consider changing the fixtures, including the faucets, showerheads, and sinks. You may also get a new toilet if you wish to go the extra mile in improving the quality of your bathroom.

Those who are worried about visible dirt and stain around the grout and caulking won’t have to replace these to freshen things up. This problem can be fixed faster by cleaning the area personally or by getting the services of a reputable cleaning company. While choosing the upgrades, you may want to get the most eco-friendly products to add another selling point for future buyers. For example, you can install low-flush toilets that consume minimal water per use. These bring it down to 1.5 gallons, which is a significant improvement over the 5-gallon flushes of much older toilet designs. This improvement will prove highly beneficial to the next property owners.

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2. Fix All Of The Current Plumbing Issues

plumbing pipe leaking waterDon’t let the buyers see anything that could make them think twice about the house, including obvious plumbing issues. Many of these are easy to spot, including slow drains, water spots on the ceiling, running toilets, and leaky faucets. They know that they will have to spend money later on when fixing these and suffer from larger water bills until they do. Seeing these will either make them run away or provide a much lower offer than you would hope for.

Put your potential buyers at ease by resolving these before selling the house. Get a plumber to repair the current problems so the next owners won’t have to.

3. Focus On Simple Plumbing Kitchen Upgrades

Now we turn our attention to another vital part of the house which is the kitchen. Just like the strategy we outlined for the bathroom, a complete kitchen renovation will not be necessary to impress the buyers. You can enhance its appeal through simple upgrades like getting new faucets or sinks. You can also replace the backsplash or tiles above the counter. If you have the budget for it, you can even add a garbage disposal unit to make the kitchen more functional. You can make a significant impact on resale value through carefully selected modifications that fit the budget.

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4. Install A Whole House Water Filter Or Purifier

water purification systemA lot of people are conscious of the water that they drink and use around the house. Many households are unhappy with their tap water and buy bottled water regularly to be on the safe side. It would be more convenient if there were a whole house water filter system installed to produce cleaner liquid. Consider it an investment that will provide great rewards.

5. Install Modern Plumbing

Most older homes are sold with the original pipes and that is not a good thing for home buyers. Pipe replacements can be quite expensive, but it may be necessary if there is damage to the system. Generally, houses that were built before the 1970s contain galvanized steel pipes because of their durability. However, these pipes are prone to rust. After decades, the pipes can grow shut. The sewer lines are also made of things that are prone to root intrusion and rusting. This last bit of upgrade is much more costly than the first four. However, having modern plumbing in the house is a significant selling point that you will benefit from immensely.



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