Common Garbage Disposal Problems

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As with any appliance, your garbage disposal unit is likely to develop problems over time. This can be frustrating, especially when you depend on it with each and every meal that you prepare. Although it can seem overwhelming, Robinson Plumbing is here to offer some advice on how to troubleshoot your garbage disposal. Also, when you suspect that a pro needs to get involved, we offer trusted plumbing services. Allentown PA and surrounding area residents can contact us and we will get your garbage disposal up and running in no time.

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Garbage Disposal Issues You May Face

In this article, we will discuss some common garbage disposal problems.

Garbage Disposal Power Issue

When your garbage disposal fails to produce a hum or buzz noise when you turn it on…

it likely has a power problem. Fortunately, you can perform a few quick tests to verify this before you call an experienced plumber. For starters, ensure your garbage disposal is properly plugged into the outlet. Then, confirm your circuit breaker hasn’t shut off (tripped) and the fuse-box is intact (no fuse blown). Finally, check the reset button (the small red button near the bottom of your unit) to see if it has popped out.

The reset button is part of your motor overload protection. Therefore, it will always pop out and shut off your unit whenever your motor gets too hot (overworks). This means that, if there is an underlying problem, such as a jam, you should get a qualified plumber to fix it first. If you’re still unable to identify the problem after performing these quick tests, call an experienced plumber to inspect your unit and carry out the necessary repairs.

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Clogged Drain

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As food waste passes through your garbage disposal, part of it sticks to the trap and the waste line. Over time, your garbage disposal will clog due to this buildup. Certain types of food waste including banana peels, potato peels, coffee grounds and eggshells are more likely to cause this problem. This is because of the way they react with water. In particular, banana and potato peels form a starchy paste that clogs the drain, whereas eggshells and coffee grounds form granular waste that sticks to any sludge in the drain fitting.

Besides food waste, failure to flush through food waste through the pipes with sufficient water will also cause sludge to build up quickly in the drain fittings and pipes. Ultimately, this causes your garbage disposal to clog. Depending on the severity of the clog, you will need to hire a plumber to unclog your garbage disposal. This is especially true when the clog is in the drain trap (the S- or P-shaped fitting located right after the disposal discharge line). Don’t put off a repair due to garbage disposal repair costs. It is better and less expensive to have it repaired early on than to wait and prolong the issue.

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Faulty Garbage Disposal Flywheel

When your unit’s blades fail to move even after unclogging and cleaning the unit…

you could have a faulty flywheel. If that is the case, do not attempt to rotate the blades with your hand. Doing so can potentially lead to a serious accident. Instead, call a plumber.


Loud/Unusual Garbage Disposal Noises

The most common noise issues associated with garbage disposal units include squealing, metallic rattling, and whirring (humming). More specifically, when a hard object, such as a piece of metal or bone falls into your unit, your unit will likely produce a metal rattling sound when you turn on the unit. A humming or whirring noise, on the other hand, may indicate a stuck flywheel mechanism. Finally, a squealing noise often indicates a serious problem such as motor failure or failing bearing. If you notice any of these noise issues, you should get a professional plumber to inspect your unit.

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