Best Ways To Conserve Water In The Summer

water conservation in the summerOne aspect that comes with the summer is the increase in water use. We keep our pools filled. We water our lawns. Some of us shower in the morning and at night, after a hot and sweaty day. However, when it comes to water, also comes the need to conserve water. No one wants to pay a fortune for the water that they use, and it is a valuable resource that we should use wisely.

There are many ways to be smarter about our water use. One of the best ways is to use water-efficient plumbing and to conduct plumbing repairs when necessary.  When you need a plumber in the Lehigh Valley, be sure to contact Robinson Plumbing. We offer plumbing services that are affordable and knowledgeable. Call us today to schedule a free estimate for your home. We will be able to find the best solutions to make your home more water efficient this summer.

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How To Conserve Water During The Summer

Summer temperatures typically rise to uncomfortable levels in many parts of the country, especially the southern states. To cool down, many people often take several showers a day, even with the AC system running. Taking multiple showers can increase water bills significantly. If you have a pool, the high temperatures will increase the rate of evaporation, which means that you will be losing pool water. There are many other ways through which you can lose water in your home during summer. Below are a few tips to help you conserve water in the summer:

Limit Your Shower Time

water-efficient showerheadsThe high temperatures in the summer can force you to take frequent showers. Whatever the frequency of your showers, be sure to limit your shower time. In addition to that, you should turn off the shower to lather up as this will help you conserve water. Furthermore, you should consider installing a shower head that releases less water but delivers it much more efficiently to your body. These measures will help you cut your water consumption when taking a shower.

Cover The Pool

When environmental temperatures rise, the temperature of water in your pool will also increase. When this happens, it will increase the rate of evaporation and lead to water losses. To conserve water, therefore, you should consider covering the pool. There is a wide range of pool covers on the market, which you can purchase and use to cover your pool when you are not using it.

Fix Leaks

water leaks and the need for a plumbing repairLeaks in the faucet, toilet and water pipes may become more apparent in the summer as pipes expand due to high temperatures. Since leaks can inflate your water bills significantly, you should call a competent plumber to come and fix those leaks to conserve water and save money. Also, by fixing water pipe leaks, you can prevent water and mold damage.

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Take Your Car To The Car Wash

Many people often think that washing their vehicles can save them money. While this may be true to some extent, the average person can use up to 100 gallons to clean their car, but you can wash the same vehicle with as little as 40 gallons of water at a commercial car wash facility. To conserve water this summer, therefore, consider taking your car to the car wash.

Re-Use Grey Water

If reusing grey water is legal in your neighborhood, consider using water from your sinks, bathtubs and washing machines for things like lawn irrigation if the detergent used is not harmful to plants. Using your grey water will help you conserve water.

Harvest Rainwater

You can easily meet all your summer lawn irrigation needs by harvesting rainwater from the roof, storing it in a tank and using it for lawn irrigation. We highly recommend doing this for anyone who wants to conserve water.

Install Water-Efficient Fixtures

Upgrade your water fixtures, such as faucets, toilets, and showerheads. New plumbing fixtures will help to minimize your water consumption. Consider installing water-saving shower heads and faucet aerators among other types of water-efficient plumbing fixtures to conserve water. Doing so will also help to save you money.

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