Plumbing Maintenance You Need To Do Before Winter

plumbing maintenance tips for winterPerforming plumbing maintenance before winter can help avoid frozen pipes that can break and cause significant problems. Not only are freezing pipes a concern during the cold weather, but the last thing you want to happen is to have your water heater go out.

Fortunately, there are tasks that homeowners can complete before the cold weather to prevent plumbing problems.

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Plumbing Maintenance You Need To Do Before The Cold Weather

Before the harsh weather hits, consider the following plumbing maintenance actions you need to take.

Find Your Main Water Valve

It is essential to know the location of your main water valve before a water catastrophe such as flooding in a basement or crawl space occurs. Typically, the valve is located in the basement or on an outside wall. This valve allows you to turn off the home’s water supply when there is an emergency.

Protect The Outside Faucets

If you have hoses hooked to your outside faucets, disconnect them, drain them and store them for the winter. Making sure the water hoses are free of water. Doing so can prevent damage from water than can freeze inside of them, and they will be ready for use come spring. Next, make sure your outside faucets are turned off. After residual water has drained from the faucets, install insulated faucet covers to protect them during the winter. The covers will keep cold air out of the pipes that flow to the water faucets.

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Check Your Plumbing Pipes For Cracks And Holes

water leakIt is a good idea to check your pipes for visible tiny cracks or holes that might allow leaks. Should you find places where water can leak, call a plumber to replace the affected pipes. It is a good practice to check the pipes throughout your home, including those in crawl spaces, in basements, and underneath bathroom and kitchen sinks.

Insulate Water Pipes

The easiest way to insulate water pipes from the cold is to use foam tubes that are slit along the sides to make them easy to slip around the pipe. If you live in a colder climate, select insulating tubes with a higher thermal resistance value or R-value. The higher the R-value, the better the protection for your pipes. Insulating tubes for pipes are typically 3/8 inch with an R-value of 2, but you can find heavy-duty tubes that are 5/8 inch thick with an R-value of 4. Some foam tubes also have self-adhesive along the slits, which makes it easier to seal them.

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Flush Your Hot Water Heater

leaking hot water heaterIt is not unusual for sediment to accumulate in your water heater. Excess sediment can cause your water heater to rust or crack. Draining the water and sediment and refilling the tank can increase the life of your water heater. Call a plumber to perform this task for you. Also, setting the temperature of your water heater at 120 degrees Fahrenheit saves energy. It can also help your family avoid water that is too hot.

Leave Your Home At A Safe Temperature While Traveling

Before you travel during the winter, make sure your home will be warm enough to prevent pipes from freezing. Setting your thermostat to 55 degrees Fahrenheit should allow your heat to kick on if your home becomes very cold.

You should also open bathroom and kitchen cabinet doors to allow warm air to reach inside pipes.

Turn off the water supply to the house, then turn the faucets on to allow any residual water to drain from the pipes.

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Implementing these preventive measures can protect your plumbing throughout the winter. By being proactive, you can avoid water damage, costly repairs, and other problems caused by frozen pipes that break.

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