End-Of-Summer Plumbing Checklist

plumbing checklistWhen you think of seasonal maintenance checks around your home, plumbing may not come to mind. It’s not unusual to have a heating system evaluated at the beginning of winter or to have an air conditioning unit evaluated in early spring. However, did you know that the plumbing in and around your home should be inspected? An inspection ensures that your system is running efficiently, and it identifies minor issues that could lead to costly repairs.

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Plumber Cetronia PA Shares An End-of-Summer Plumbing Checklist

If you have never taken the time to inspect your plumbing, consider the following end-of-the-summer plumbing checklist.

Check Your Indoor Plumbing System

Indoor plumbing issues can impact almost any area in your home. Wherever there is a moisture problem, mold and mildew will follow. A persistently leaky pipe in a bathroom can cause mold issues in any wall that is next to the bathroom. Water can also saturate floors and weaken the wood or damage carpet.

Check under your sinks for leaky pipes. Inspect the base of your toilet for evidence of water that may be seeping from the unit. You should also examine the pipes under your kitchen sink.

If you store cleaning supplies and other items under vanities and kitchen cabinets where there are water pipes, make sure that those items don’t hide problems like leaks or standing water. Should you find leaks or mold, contact a plumber to evaluate and repair the problem.

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Check Indoor Faucets For Water Drips

leaking faucetWhen you are busy, you may not notice indoor faucet drips until the irritating sound begins to keep you awake at night. Drips from faucets anywhere in the home can drive up your water bill. One faucet with a slow drip may seem insignificant, but over time it can add up to gallons of wasted water. Multiple dripping faucets compound the problem. Worn out parts and water pressure can cause faucets to drip when in the off position. Call a plumber to repair this issue right away.

Check Your Hot Water Heater For Issues

Your water heater works hard throughout the year and can be susceptible to maintenance issues that require attention.

Standing water near the appliance is a sign of leaking. You should also check the pressure relief valve and the anode rod. The pressure relief valve prevents excess pressure from building up in the unit by allowing the release of small amounts of water when the pressure gets too high inside the tank. A pressure relief valve that is rusty is prone to failure and should be replaced.

The anode rod prevents the tank from rusting inside. The anode rod is designed to attract the rust that would occur in the tank due to oxidation. However, when the rod becomes corroded and cannot take on any more rust, it needs to be replaced.

A water heater also needs to be flushed since sediment can build up in the bottom of the tank. It is beneficial to flush the tank at least once per year. A licensed plumber can inspect and repair any issues that you might observe when you examine your water heater.

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Disconnect Hoses And Insulate Water Pipes

At the end of the summer or in early fall, when gardening season is over, make sure you disconnect hoses from outside faucets. Check the hoses and make sure they are dry before storing them to prevent freezing and cracking during cold weather. Cut off the water supply to the outside faucets and then drain the remaining water from them. After draining the faucets, place insulated covers over them and make sure they are secure to keep out cold air out of the pipes that supply the faucets.



If you have not checked these items around your home, make it a point to begin this year. Put it on your calendar for the future. If you run into problems or need help with maintenance or repair, call a plumber.

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