How To Deal With An Emergency Pipe Leak

water leakThere are few things more stressful than discovering an emergency pipe leak.

As soon as you discover the water leak, you’ll be painfully aware that your property is being damaged more and more until you can find and plug the source. Even if the issue is simple and easily remedied, it can end up causing huge expense and distress in the time it takes to rectify.

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Pipe Repair Tips: How to Deal With an Emergency Pipe Leak

In this post then, you’ll discover how to deal with an emergency pipe leak.

Plumbing Emergency Tips: Locate The Main Water Supply

main water shut-off valveThe first thing to do is to locate your water main and cut off the water supply to your home.

This is a small tap attached to your plumbing that allows you to cut off the supply of water to your home. By turning this clockwise (right), you will be able to stop more water from entering your home and thereby you can stop the leak.
The best way to do this is to leave someone else in your home holding on to the leak while you locate the valve. If you are reading this and you currently don’t have a leak, then take the time now to make sure you are familiar with where this is located in your home. It could just save you a lot of trouble and damage! Usually, it will be in the kitchen in the cupboard under the sink. If not, try other cupboards around the kitchen, or look at the walls outside your home.
If you’re lucky, then you might have an isolation valve attached to the specific appliance that is leaking – but that won’t always be the case.


Find And Plug The Water Leak

Be sure to find and plug the leak.

As you’re aware of the leak, it is likely safe to assume that you know the location of the leak. Thus, you should either hold a thumb over the leak or position a bowl or a pan beneath it to collect the water. You can also try tying a cloth around it to absorb the water. If you dangle one end into a bowl, then you can use it as a kind of ‘wick’ to redirect the flow of liquid away from your floor.
If there is any risk of property damage, then move the items out the way. And if there are any electrics, then make sure you do not touch them. Turn the power supply off at the switchboard if you can.

Call A Plumber Who Offers Emergency Pipe Repairs

plumberTurning off the water supply will stop the leaking but it is only a short-term solution.

Of course, you are going to need that water back on. Otherwise, you won’t be able to wash or even use the toilet (though throwing a bucket of water down after will automatically cause it to flush).

Get on the phone ASAP to a professional plumber in your area. Find out how quickly they can get to your property. Be sure to ask how much they are likely to charge.

On the small chance that a plumber can’t get to you quickly, you might consider staying over at a friend or relative’s home in the meantime. This way, you can use their bathroom and kitchen while you wait for your plumbing to be repaired.

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