5 Major Outdoor Plumbing Issues You Should Avoid

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Most homeowners are sensitive about plumbing issues that they can see inside the house. Nobody wants their toilets and sinks getting clogged for long because it is inconvenient and the stink is unbearable. These are also used frequently so problems are hard to ignore.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the same sense of urgency when it comes to outdoor plumbing issues. These are often neglected because they are not as readily seen. Yet they are every bit as important because what happens outside will usually find its way inside the home.

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5 Major Outdoor Plumbing Issues You Should Avoid

Below are the five major outdoor plumbing scenarios you should avoid:

1. Sewer Blockage

image of a sewer backup

The sewer system is an intricate network of underground pipes that ends in a treatment facility. All the homes are connected to this vital system. In fact, this is where every single drop of wastewater from the sinks and toilets go. If there is a blockage in the sewers, then the water will not be able to flow down the drains. It will back up such that you will smell foul water from your sinks, toilet floors, bathtubs, and more.

Avoid this by allowing only human waste, water, and toilet tissues should be flushed down the toilets. Anything else including sanitary napkins, oils, plastics, and food items should be kept away. Tree roots can also block the sewers by constricting the pipes or growing inside them. Don’t plant trees near sewer lines. If you do experience this problem, then call an experienced plumber for help.

2. Pool Leakage

The water should be inside the pool, not outside of it. Yet this is exactly what’s happening in some homes. Don’t ignore this sign as it could indicate a plumbing issue around this facility. Sometimes the pool itself can turn out to be poorly designed or hastily built. This is a critical flaw that requires immediate intervention. Contact a plumber to diagnose the situation and find the root cause. A plan will then be formulated to deal with the situation effectively. Delaying will not help in any way. It’s best to address this as soon as possible.

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3. Frozen Water Pipes

frozen pipe

Outdoor faucets are great for washing up after gardening. They can also be used for washing dirty items outside, cleaning the car, or watering the plants. Just make sure that you winterize your faucets so that they don’t result in frozen pipes. Remember that water expands when it turns to ice. Frozen pipes can burst from the pressure that built up from the inside. This kind of damage can be costly to repair. It also wastes a lot of water when water streams form. If you are not familiar with this, then get assistance from a plumber to make sure that you are ready for winter.

4. Sprinkler Damage

If you have a big lawn, then you probably have a sprinkler system that keeps the whole area green and beautiful. However, these sprinklers can be stressful to maintain because they are susceptible to several forms of damage. This could be anything from wear and tear to cracks from tree roots. Leaks are the most common signs of damage. If you see this, then you should note where it is happening. You can investigate yourself or get a professional to dig things up and diagnose the situation.

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5. Hose Fixture Damage

image of a damaged hose bib

Hose bibs are responsible for supplying water to the rest of the outdoor plumbing fixtures. These connections are prone to breakage, frosting, and other forms of damage. Even a small leak can turn into a serious case because the entire water supply to the outdoors could be affected. Over time, this will grow bigger, and pressure for outdoor water will be lower. The repair of hose bibs is a job for experts. Call a properly trained plumber and don’t settle for less.

Acting quickly will be rewarded with fast and affordable repairs. Delaying will only make matters worse. These plumbing issues should be avoided as much as possible through proper behaviors and early interventions. Get ion touch with a trusted plumber for help as soon as you can.

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