Top Reasons For Low Water Pressure In Your Home

Low Water Pressure Repair Macungie PAWhen the sink or shower faucet is turned on and only a small amount of water drips or streams out, typically, there is a problem with the water pressure. This can be very frustrating for homeowners to deal with and will make completing common daily activities like doing the laundry, showering or washing dishes extremely difficult. Fortunately, low water pressure repair Macungie PA can be correctly diagnosed and fixed by professional plumbing technicians. The following are some of the top reasons for low water pressure in the home.

Debris Buildup

One of the most common causes of low water flow is debris in the water. Over time, dirt, algae, rust, sand, minerals and pollutants build up and will clog fixtures in the home such as in the bathroom, shower or kitchen. When this occurs, water flow will be restricted. Cleaning the faucet and shower heads may solve the problem, but it is best to contact a professional plumber to address the problem.


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Pipe Corrosion

Pipe corrosion is another main cause of low water pressure in the home. Galvanized or steel pipes will corrode over the years and will cause water flow problems. Typically, corrosion is caused by mineral deposits, dirt and other debris in the water. Replacing corroded pipes are the best option and should be done by professionals. After the pipes have been replaced, water pressure will be vastly improved.

Water Leaks

Water leaks will also cause low water pressure. When pipes become cracked or damaged, water pressure will be reduced in the home The water does not flow as it should and will prevent water from reaching the faucet or shower head. Professional plumbers will thoroughly check the pipes for leaks and will properly fix them any leaks that are found.

Water Valves

There are many plumbing valves in the average home that can become damaged or may move over time. Valves may also be accidentally turned off, which could cause low water pressure. If the main water valve is shut off or if it is not turned all the way on, it will keep water from flowing normally in the home. Licensed and experienced plumbers will check for problems and will make certain the valves in the home are turned on and are working properly.

Water Pressure Regulator

Another common cause of water pressure problems in the home is the pressure regulator. The pressure regulator can break down or quit working and can cause a significant decrease in water pressure. To prevent serious problems, it is best to have the water pressure regulator repaired or replaced by an experienced plumber.
Homeowners may be tempted to fix some of these common causes of low water pressure on their own. In truth, doing so is very unwise and could result in major damage to the home and plumbing. The majority of plumbing issues are best left to highly trained and skilled professionals who know what they are doing. Moreover, high quality plumbers can be trusted to do the job right and will avoid causing additional and more costly plumbing problems.

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Low Water Pressure Repair Macungie PA

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