Common Kitchen Faucet Repairs : Tips From Lehigh Valley Plumber

image of a faucet that needs a repair in Lehigh ValleyA high quality kitchen faucet can last a decade or so thanks to clever design and durable materials. However, there could be a few issues along the way that will necessitate repairs. Homeowners can try to do it by themselves but it is much more convenient and effective if professional plumbers are given the task. Their experience will come in handy for these common kitchen faucet repairs and more:

Inconsistent Stream

When you open a faucet, you expect for water to flow down consistently from the fixture. It can be a surprise when you find it sputtering as if it were having difficulty letting the liquid out. This makes it hard to wash up on the sink. In most cases, this is a symptom of a clogged aerator. This is a screen that is located at the mouth of the faucet. Over time, deposits of dirt, minerals and lime can build up to such an extent that they cover the holes preventing water from coming out. Plumbers can clean or replace it to achieve a steady stream.

Low Flow From Sprayer

Sprayers are quite handy for a number of applications that require quicker rinsing than the regular faucet can handle. We opt for these when we want a stronger flow. That’s why it can be frustrating to turn it on only to get a disappointing amount of water coming out. This problem is likely to be caused by the diverter. This can be found in the faucet stem and looks like a tiny valve. Fixing it requires disassembly to gain access to this diverter. A pro should be able to do it without breaking a sweat.

faucet repair

Squeaky Handles

Does the handle produce noise every time you turn it? Most people don’t mind a bit of odd sounds but sometimes the squeaking can be quite noticeable to the point of distraction. It is also indicative of a bigger problem lurking underneath. The threads on the stem can be showing its age, becoming so worn that they no longer glide as smoothly as before. Plumbers will take out the handle and use grease to coat the threads. This is usually enough to eliminate the noise and make the handle operate smoothly once again.



Faucet Leaks

Leaks are extremely wasteful and should not be allowed to persist. Even small drops can amount to many liters over the course of time. Homeowners will have to pay for this water even not really using it. In areas where water is scarce, this condition is simply unacceptable. The thing with leaks is that the problem could come from different parts of the fixture. It could be an issue with the O-ring, the washer, the cartridge, or something else entirely. It is best to consult a pro to eliminate the guesswork and solve the problem immediately.

Final Words

Our kitchen faucet helps us get a lot of work done every single day. If it begins to show signs of wear, then we should step up to help it as well. Call a professional plumber for effective solutions to common concerns.

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