7 Ways To Unclog Your Toilet Without A Plunger

image of a clogged toilet

Clogged toilet drains are household emergencies. No one wants overflowing bowls and smelly toilets. Most people immediately grab a plunger to remove the blockage, but what if you don’t have one? Or what if suction doesn’t work? Don’t despair. You can solve this problem with a bit of creativity. Look around your home for alternative remedies. If these prove inadequate, seek out an experienced plumber for advanced solutions. Below are a few suggestions on how to unclog toilet without a plunger:

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How To Unclog Toilet Without A Plunger

Keep reading to explore the best ways to deal with your clogged toilet when you don’t have a plunger around.

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Pour Hot Water

image of hot water from faucet depicting how to unclog toilet without plunger

Water is persistent. If it can go through walls, it should also pass through clogs. Use hot water for faster results. Heat a few liters on a stove, but don’t let it boil. Remember that a cup won’t do much. Fill a pitcher or a small bucket to get results. However, it will only work if the toilet bowl isn’t up to the brim. Otherwise, the hot liquid will overflow. Be careful as you pour the liquid down the drain. Wait for a few minutes before attempting to flush. If it doesn’t work, try it again with more water.

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Use Dish Soap

Sometimes the clog doesn’t budge because it sticks like glue to the tube walls. A lubricant can make the walls slippery enough to dislodge the material. Look no further than your kitchen for an effective solution. Dish soap lubricates plates and pots to remove sticky food bits. Apply the same principle to the toilet clog using a quarter cup of liquid soap. Allow 10 minutes for it to move down the drain. Repeat the use of hot water described above. The potent combination should unclog the drain.

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Mix Baking Soda And Vinegar

image of baking soda and vinegar to unclog toilet

Drain clogs can face another dangerous duo: baking soda and vinegar. This mixture is known for its versatility and efficacy in cleaning homes. It is a viable option for people wary about handling hot water. Wait for the water in the toilet to recede significantly before applying this solution. You want to give it enough space for the chemical reaction. Pour about a cup of each ingredient down the drain. You should see bubbles forming as they combine. It takes a while for it to work. Flush after half an hour. You may need to repeat the process a few times.

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Whip Out The Toilet Brush

Toilet plungers are ideal for unclogging the drains, but other tools can work in a pinch. For example, you can get one of your toilet brushes and use that instead. Find a round brush with a flexible neck and angle the bristles down the drain. It should be big enough to fit into the hole and create a suction effect when you pump it up and down. A long handle will save you from splashes of dirty water. Put on gloves to avoid skin irritation.

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Repurpose A Wire Hanger

Is the clog still there? Look for solutions beyond your toilet and kitchen. Check your bedroom wardrobe for old wire hangers. Perhaps you can repurpose one of these into a short drain snake. Unwind the twisted neck and straighten the metal, but leave the hook as is. Consider wrapping the end with a soft rag to prevent it from scratching the porcelain surface of the bowl. This hanger snake may be enough to dislodge a shallow clog. If the blockage is deeper down the drain, you may need to call a plumber with better equipment. Real drain snakes are several feet long, allowing them to reach deep into the pipes.

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Unclog With Home-Based Ingredients

Some people run to the nearest store to buy a commercial drain cleaner when they encounter this problem. However, these products contain harsh chemicals which can do more harm. You may remove the clog but damage the pipes – not a good trade-off. Consider using household ingredients to create a safer solution. Combine two cups of baking soda, ten tablespoons of dish detergent, and a quarter cup of Epsom salt. Add the detergent one tablespoon at a time. Let the mixture dry and harden in muffin liners. Drop one of these the next day into the toilet bowl, along with four cups of water. Call emergency plumbing services if you can’t wait overnight for a solution.

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Heavy Duty Wet Vacuum

Desperate times call for desperate measures. You may suck the clog out using a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner designed to work in wet environments. These are bigger and more powerful than regular vacuums, with a sizable container to capture the clog and incidental liquids. Make sure you have the right equipment. Otherwise, you might damage your existing vacuum cleaner. Most machines can only handle dust, hair, and other dry particles. It may be better to be safe than sorry. Let professional plumbers solve the clog with their specialized equipment. They can operate efficiently and clean things up afterward.

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Toilet clogs are unpleasant and inconvenient. Homeowners are always eager to solve the problem, especially if the family shares a single toilet. Most clogs can go away quickly with the help of a plunger, but this tool is not always available. In its absence, people may use other remedies like hot water, dish soap, baking soda, vinegar, toilet brush, wire hanger, homemade drain cleaner, and wet vacuum. You can try these in a pinch with varying results. If you want a guaranteed solution, contact an experienced plumber.

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