How Do I Know When I Need To Repair My Sewer Line?

It’s natural for a homeowner to get nervous when they see a toilet that is backing up or a sink that keeps getting clogged, but not all of these occurrences mean that your sewer line needs to be repaired. You may rush to the phone to call in a professional at the first sign of a plumbing problem, but doing a little investigative work on your own can save you time and money in the long run.

Here is an interesting video on what the EPA is doing with sewer line runoff….enjoy!

Be Aware

hard water problemsWhether you just moved in to a new place or you’ve been living there for decades, keep a mental note of exactly how old your sewer line is. The newer your system is, the less likely it is for a major disaster to occur. Older pipes are more likely to corrode, rust, break or pose other issues.

Routine Maintenance

It’s inadvisable to get your toolbox out and perform a tune-up on your toilet, but it would be wise to watch out for any spots around the house or yard that are associated with the sewer line. For example, make sure the drain-vent system is never blocked with elements such as leaves, snow or birds’ nests.

Red Flags

– Leaks
– Slow drains
– Gurgling or clogged drains
– Toilets backing up
– Pungent odors

Detective Work

As soon as you notice there might be a problem, get to work narrowing down the potential flaws. For instance, you may be doing dishes when you notice the water in the kitchen is no longer draining. Before you take apart the pipes, check your bathroom sink to determine if the issue is concentrated to one area. There may be a simple fix, like a clogged sink trap, rather than a sewer line repair.

Make Attempts

If the issue seems minor enough, you may want to try a few quick tips before you rely on a plumber. Many clogs in shower and sink drains, for example, are caused by clumps of hair or chunks of food. Try snaking your own drain and checking your sink trap to be sure it is clear of debris.

Call Us

If the problem is specific to one drain, it’s very possible that you can avoid a repair to the sewer line. Either way, leave the diagnosis to the professionals. When you’re ready to hand over the reins, call professional plumbers to accurately assess, diagnose and repair your plumbing problems. Robinson Plumbing can provide you with exceptional plumbing services including a sewer line repair.¬†Our sewer line replacement service ensures that any and all broken sections will be repaired so that your home or business can function optimally.