How Pumpkins Will Scare Your Plumbing Stiff

image of pumpkins after garbage disposal repair macungie paHalloween is an old, popular, western tradition that Americans celebrate every year. There are two things that people normally do to mark the occasion. The first is dressing up in costumes. Many kids love dressing up as super heroes while others dress up like vampires. The second thing that people normally do during Halloween is carving pumpkins.

This entails cutting out the top or bottom part of the pumpkin and taking out all the pulp. The front section is then carefully-carved to make a scary face. For the best visual effect, blinking lights or a candle may be installed inside the pumpkin. While this may be a fun activity for the entire family to engage in, poor disposal of the pulp, seeds and carvings can spoil the fun. Most people normally let the carvings and seeds get into their plumbing, which is a big mistake.

How Pumpkin Waste Can Clog Your Drains

Many people normally work on their Jack-o’-lantern pumpkin at the kitchen sink. This means that most of the carvings, seeds and pulp from the pumpkin will end up in the sink. When the tap is opened, the debris will find its way into the kitchen drain. As a result your plumbing will get clogged.

When this happens, your home will truly be a haunted house since clearing the drain will not be easy. In fact, your plunger will be ineffective in clearing the drain. Furthermore, trying to stick wires, or a knife, down the drain can only worsen the problem. This means that you will not be able to use the kitchen sink due to stagnating water. It is important to note that the clog will get worse with time as the mixture of pulp, carvings and pumpkin seeds harden-up. This also goes for your garbage disposal. Many homeowners make the mistake of shoving pumpkin waste into their garbage disposal. This also leads to major clogs and a garbage disposal that isn’t working. Don’t make the mistake of flushing pumpkin waste down the toilet either. A clog will form but even farther down the pipe. Your best option for fixing problems like these would be to call in an experienced plumber. That makes your pumpkin carving experience far more expensive than it needs to be.

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How To Prevent Plumbing Problems During Halloween

The best remedy for any type of problem is prevention. Therefore, homeowners who are celebrating Halloween, should take the following precautions:

Use the Garage or Kitchen Table Carve Your Pumpkin

Instead of using the kitchen sink as your worktable in Halloween, you should use either the kitchen table or the garage as your workstation. Before you start working, place a few pages of old newspapers on the worktable to make waste-collection and disposal easier.

Use The Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are healthy and tasty when roasted. Instead of shoving the seeds down the drain, separate them from the pulp and roast them. This is a tasty, high protein treat that will make your Halloween more enjoyable. Alternatively, you can plant the seeds in your garden.


Use The Garbage Can

Instead of throwing the seeds, pulp and carvings into your waste disposal unit, throw them into the garbage can for proper disposal. Alternatively, you can add the organic waste to your compost pile.

It is important to note that disposing this type of waste through the toilet is still not a bright idea, so you should use the recommended waste disposal options to avoid plumbing problems this Halloween.

Garbage Disposal Repair Macungie PA

One of the worst things that you can do after feeding pumpkin waste into your garbage disposal, is try to use a wire hanger to fish it out. Additionally, you can further clog your drains when you do something like this. Your best bet is to prevent this altogether by reusing some of the pumpkin waste by making roasted pumpkin seeds and putting the rest into your compost pile.  If you don’t feel like doing any one of those options, then just simply put it in your trash.

If you have already put your pumpkin remnants into the garbage disposal and you now have a clogged sink on your hands, then you will need an experienced plumber to help you out. Once the pumpkin remnants harden, they are like cement, where it is almost impossible to unclog a drain. Be sure to contact Robinson Plumbing. We are your neighborhood plumbing experts who have an amazing amount of experience in removing tough clogs no matter how big or small. Call us for garbage disposal repair or to remove a clog from your clogged drain.

For a qualified plumber, contact Robinson Plumbing. Our experienced and skilled certified plumbers are known for being friendly, trustworthy, and professional. We are a local, family owned company that is known for trusted, high quality service.

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