What To Do When You Notice Water Leaking From Your Ceiling Light

water leak in an emmaus homeIf you notice water leaking from your ceiling, this is a bad sign and you should contact a plumber to solve the problem immediately. Below are some causes of water leaks, the steps you should take, and the dangers associated with water leaks from your ceiling.

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Emmaus Plumbing Company Discusses Causes Of Water Leaks from Your Ceiling

If you notice water leaking from your ceiling light, the cause might be any or a combination of the following factors:

  • A broken pipe
  • Torrential rain
  • An old roof
  • Rusted Pipes

A Broken Plumbing Pipe In Emmaus

If you have pipes in your ceiling, one or more of these pipes might get broken. When this happens, you might notice a wet spot on your ceiling. You might also notice water dripping from your ceiling light. This is because water might flow from other parts of the ceiling and collect near the ceiling light. From this point, the water drips its way down.

Torrential Rains In Lehigh County

Another cause of a leaking ceiling is torrential rains. This usually happens after a heavy downpour. In this case, a cracked roof or a tiny hole in the roof is the most likely culprit. Depending on the intensity of the rain, you might notice wet spots in different parts of the ceiling.

An Old Roof & Leaks

An old roof is susceptible to water leaks. This might be due to a gradual wakening of the roof in question or a tiny hole in the roof. Either way, the result is the same. The water will seep into the hole in the roof and will likely drip from your ceiling light.

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Do You Have Rusted Plumbing Pipes?

galvanized pipesRusted plumbing pipes can cause water leaks especially if your house was built before the 1960s. This is because builders used galvanized pipes in those days. Over time, exposure to water will cause galvanized pipes to corrode and rust. This leads to water leaks and a potential risk of lead poisoning. The smart move here is to contact a competent plumber who will replace the galvanized pipes with a safer option.

What To Do About A Water Leak In Your Home

There is only one thing you should do when you notice a water leak from your ceiling light. Call in a plumber immediately because this expert will give you the right solution.

Your plumber will begin the process by troubleshooting. This means carrying out investigations to determine how serious the problem is and identifying the extent of the damage. After a proper diagnosis, your plumber will use specialized equipment to stop the leak. The plumber’s job is not restricted to stopping the water leak. This expert will also carry out restoration work on any damaged area in the ceiling. This way, your ceiling is restored to its former pristine condition.

The Dangers Associated With Water Leaks In Your Home

A water leak from your ceiling is bad news but the news gets even worse when water leaks from a light fixture. This is because when water gets into contact with your electrical fittings, there is a clear and present danger of electrocution. Switch off all electrical appliances and stay away from any light fixture near the water leak.

  • Ceiling Collapse: Apart from the risk of electrocution, water leaks from your ceiling light can lead to ceiling collapse. This is because wet gypsum ceilings usually become soft and soggy. The ceiling may collapse eventually and this means all the light fixtures will crash to the ground. Even if your ceiling is made from wood, a persistently wet ceiling will cause serious problems for you.
  • Electrical Fires: A water leak from your ceiling might lead to electrical fires. This is because wet electrical wires could get corroded and this can lead to shorts or even a fire outbreak.

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Final Word

If water is leaking from your ceiling light, you should not take anything for granted. The right move is to call in a plumber to solve the problem.

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