Conserving Water: Tips For Saving Money At Home

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By conserving water, homeowners not only reduce expenses on their monthly budget but help contribute towards the preservation of their community’s natural resources. Water conservation is everyone’s responsibility. As a homeowner, you can do your part to conserve water by upgrading home fixtures and adopting water conservation habits for daily usage. The following water conservation tips can help you get started.

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Bathroom Improvements For Conserving Water At Home

On average, homeowners can consume as much as 300 gallons of water daily between bathroom, kitchen, laundry facilities, and outdoor water usage. Much of this water use comes from the bathroom, making it a focal point for conservation. With a few home improvements, homeowners may be able to cut back on water use in this area and save money.

Upgrading old bathroom fixtures can help conserve water. An old showerhead, for example, can waste as much as 5 gallons of water for every minute of use. In addition to wasting water, old fixtures put pressure on water heaters to keep up the flow of hot water, increasing energy costs. Replacing old shower heads with modern fixtures such as the WaterSense brands lets you conserve water and get better performance at the same time — at a reduced cost.

Older toilets are also notorious for wasting water. If your toilet falls under this category, consider an upgrade to a more water-conserving design. You can research modern toilet options online to see what suits you best within your price range. Some toilet designs such as TOTO’s Double Cyclone and eWater+ not only conserve water but help keep the bowl cleaner with every flush, reducing your workload in keeping a clean bathroom environment.

Upgrade Your Water Heater

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Most homeowners think nothing of waiting for a minute or two for their water to heat up before washing dishes or taking a shower. Those precious moments, however, are costing you quite a bit in wasted water.  Investing in a new water heater could go a long way towards conserving water and saving money.

If you own a traditional water heater, consider upgrading to a Tankless water heater design or replacing it with an all-new hot water recirculating system to get instant hot water at reduced costs. You can counter the initial cost of a new water heater investment by long term savings in water and energy bills further down the line.

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Plug Water Leaks

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Leaky faucets, toilets or water pipes can be costly in many ways. Water leaks not only waste valuable water but could put your home at risk of water damage over an extended period of time. The best time to fix water leaks is immediately upon discovering the problem. Some water leaks can be noticed right away such as kitchen or bathroom faucets or a running toilet. Others may be concealed for years without your noticing.

One way to uncover if you have a hidden water leak is to monitor your water meter during a time span when you’re not using your water. Block off a 2-hour time span and read the meter at the beginning and end of this period. If the meter registers a change in reading, chances are you have a water leak somewhere on the property. If you can’t uncover the leak on your own, you may need to call a professional plumber to check for water leaks in your home and get repairs done.

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Adopt Water Conservation Habits

Yet another way of conserving water in your home is to change your water use habits. Look for ways to use less water when performing daily tasks such as dishwashing, brushing teeth, showering, watering your lawn or washing your car. Teach your children the importance of water conservation so they can develop water-saving habits as they grow.

By being conscious of conserving water, you can save quite a bit of money off of your monthly budget. Reducing water and energy bills is always a great incentive for conserving water, as it gives you extra cash to spend in activities you enjoy most.

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