Common Problems With Well Pumps

well pump problemsRobinson Plumbing has seen all types of problems with well pumps in Easton, Bethlehem, Allentown and other areas in the Lehigh Valley. Well pumps provide households with a cheap alternative water source. These enable people in the countryside to get fresh and clean water from the ground. They run on electricity and tend to last for a long time. Of course, this doesn’t mean that everything will be trouble-free all the time. There are certain common problems with well pumps that homeowners should watch out for. Learn more about each of these so that you can resolve them immediately if you encounter them in your own setup.  Some of the more common well pump problems that we see are highlighted in this article.

The Submersible Well Pump Is Not Working

You might turn on the faucet and find that nothing comes out at all. Check the pump to see if it is working or not. This should be fairly easy to discern due to the silence of the motor. It is likely to be a power issue. Inspect the switch as well as the connection to ensure that everything is in order. Recall if there has been any power surge or similar incidents that might have caused the circuits to trip. Have it repaired by an electrician or a well pump specialist to turn the situation around.

Very Little Water Is Coming Out Of The Faucet

Sometimes there is water but the quantity is barely able to fill a glass. This might be a symptom of different things such as a leak in the system, a worn out pump, slime build-up, scale formation inside the plumbing fixtures, and collapse of well casing. Whether the problem suddenly arose or slowly crept up provides a clue as to the culprit. Drought must be considered as well during the summer months. Conservation of the precious resources becomes even more important. If the nearby neighbors are also using a well pump, then the problem might be due to well interference.

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The Water Quality Has Degraded

There are cases wherein the quantity is not an issue but the quality is. Discoloration is a common concern. So is foul smell and bad taste. People are not keen on drinking liquid with these characteristics for obvious reasons. The cause must be quickly identified and dealt with to return to normalcy. One of the possible causes is over-pumping in which the current flow rate is higher than what is actually recommended. Sediments eventually appear in the water. It could also be due to improper well design, poor construction techniques, holes due to corrosion, and contamination.

The Electric Bills Are Unusually High

Homeowners are sometimes shocked when they open their electric bill statement. Their consumption suddenly shot through the roof and their bills have soared along with it. This can be traced to different devices around the house including faulty thermostats, freezers, and well pumps. The pump may have been working 24/7 in order to keep the pressure at a good level. Even pinhole leaks can trigger this as they will force the pump to cycle on and off with greater frequency than usual. The leak must be plugged to get things back to normal.


Be sure to get your submersible well pump fixed as soon as you suspect that there is a problem with it.  Robinson Plumbing has had a lot of experience with well pump maintenance and well pump repairs. If you have seen any of the above signs be sure to give us a call so we can thoroughly address any questions or concerns that you might have. Keep your household running as it should.  We offer plumbing services in Easton, PA and all surrounding towns.

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