Top Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Liquid Drain Cleaners

image of homeowner with clogged drains palmer paThe first thing most people do when faced with a blocked drain is to buy liquid drain cleaners. This may seem like a cost effective and convenient way to solve the problem. However, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t use liquid drain cleaners.

High Toxicity Levels

Liquid drain cleaners may be cheap, however most of them contain extremely high toxicity levels. The fumes are unhealthy and will make your nose and eyes sting. The fumes also stick around long after the liquid is flushed down the drain.

Damage To Pipes

While the whole intention is to unclog your pipes, the chemicals in these liquid drain cleaners are so strong that they actually damage the pipes in the process. The predominant chemical found in drain cleaners is hydrochloric acid. This strong chemical will chew on the enamel and other expensive finishes in your kitchen and bathroom.

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Bad For The Environment

The chemical residue left over in bottles eventually end up in landfills and could possibly enter the water. Fish and other wildlife could be poisoned as a result of this.

The Actual Cause Of A Clogged Drain

In many cases, drains back up due to broken pipes or issues in the sewer line. In these cases, throwing a bottle of drain cleaner down your pipes will not resolve the issue. This is why you should rather use a plunger to attempt to fix a clogged drain. Liquid drain cleaners will actually only work if your drain is clogged by a hairball or a build up of grease. If it is anything bigger than that, drain cleaner may not be of any assistance.

Drain Cleaners Can Cost You Money

Drain cleaners are designed to heat up when in use. If you have a clogged toilet for example that you can’t flush, the drain cleaner will sit at the bottom of the toilet bowl. Before long, the drain cleaner heats up and cracks the porcelain, causing you to replace the entire toilet.


Clogged Drains Palmer PA

One of the best things to do when faced with any type of drain blockage is to call a professional plumber. Drain cleaners are not guaranteed to work and could be quite dangerous if used incorrectly or inappropriately. So to avoid the unnecessary inconvenience of staying with clogged drains longer than you have to, or worse, creating another costly problem, simply leave the plumbing issues to highly trained professional plumbers.

One of the main advantages of calling a professional plumber to assess a clogged drain is that he will be able to diagnose what is the cause of the blockage. If the plumber determines that the cause of the problem is a break in the pipe allowing other materials to filter in or that the problem actually lies with the deeper drainage system, the money spent on using liquid drain cleaners will be a complete waste. So calling a professional plumber for assistance should be your first move.

The plumber that you choose should be qualified, experienced, and have a reputation of being trustworthy. For exceptional plumbing services in your area, including clogged drain services, contact Robinson Plumbing. Our experienced, skilled certified plumbers are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. We are a local, family owned company that is known for affordable, high quality service.

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