How To Know That You Have A Clogged Drain On The Rise

clogged drain Alburtis PAEssentially all plumbing systems develop clogs at some point, regardless of how well a home is maintained. For this reason, it is important for homeowners to recognize the signs as early as possible so that the clogged drain Alburtis PA can be addressed and permanent damage to fixtures or pipes avoided. The constant use of liquid drain cleaners can cause some pretty major damage on your pipes. Below are some telltale signs that indicate a clog is underway:

Slow Draining Pipes

The flow through virtually any pipe can become obstructed with grease, hair, soap build up and other types of debris. As such substances coagulate in the pipes, they begin to harden and stick together. It is this accumulation that obstructs the flow of water. Pipes that drain slower than normal are usually at least partially clogged and require attention.

Unpleasant Odors

Waste items put down drains often get stuck and begin to rot. This creates a foul smell around the sink area. Any abnormal odor of an unpleasant nature is usually a sign that a clog has begun.

Odd Sounds

Gurgling or other strange sounds coming from a drain may indicate a clogged drain. This is because water that must route itself around foreign substances leads to air pockets in the pipe, which in turn creates odd noises that are usually quite audible even from a distance.

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Preventative Tips

Keeping drains and pipes open at all times is the best way to avoid lengthy DIY projects or expensive repairs to unclog the pipe. There are several ways to ensure that pipes stay free of foreign objects, such as those listed below:


Keeping hair out of drains is one of the best ways to prevent clogs in shower pipes. As hair flows downward through the pipe, it often gets caught in areas where water flows slower than others, such as through elbow joints. When the hair tangles and begins to clump, it acts as a mesh shield that collects other debris and eventually a major clog occurs.


Some people believe that any liquid can be safely poured down the drain. However, grease, fat, gravy, cooking oil or any liquid that congeals should be disposed of with regular garbage instead. This is because such items almost always solidify and cause blockages.

Tissue Products

Most homeowners know that bathroom tissue is the only item that can be safely flushed down the drain. However, if too much paper is used or allowed to build up in the commode, it will not break down easily when the toilet is flushed. Simply using one’s common sense can eliminate this type of clog in most cases.


Rinsing food particles down the kitchen drain is never wise. Therefore, if the sink is not equipped with a garbage disposal, all food items, regardless of how small, should be thrown away with other household refuse. Sink strainers are also helpful, and can be found in all sizes and shapes at home improvement stores. Such strainers fit into the drain and allow only water to pass through into the pipe.

A clogged drain can occur for many reasons, but identifying and preventing this problem is much easier than repairing damaged pipes. Therefore, keeping an eye out for telltale signs of a clog is the best way to ensure that one’s plumbing system functions properly on a regular basis.


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Repair Your Clogged Drain Alburtis PA

Prevention is half of the battle. When you suspect that you have the possibility of a clogged drain on the rise, be sure to address it immediately. This can save you from having to deal with a bigger plumbing problem. Clogs don’t just go away on their own. You might need a drain cleaning. For any of your plumbing needs, be sure to contact Robinson Plumbing. Our certified plumbers are extremely knowledgeable, skilled, and will thoroughly address any questions that you might have. We are a local, family owned company that is known for trusted, high quality service. Call us today at (610) 351-9889 or contact us for any questions that you might have!