Can Pipes Burst In Warm Weather?

burst plumbing pipe in summer

Most people are aware that pipes can burst in the winter. Water expands as it freezes and puts pressure on the pipes from the inside. Homeowners are usually careful to prevent this. However, can pipes burst in warm weather? The truth is vigilance should not be limited to the cold months since pipes can also burst in warm weather. Summer is not a time to let the guard down because plumbing issues can still develop. Being proactive and hiring professional plumbers can help mitigate the damage.

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Can Pipes Burst In Warm Weather?

Below are some of the common causes of pipes that burst during summertime:

Tree Roots

tree roots near water plumbing pipe

Trees provide much-needed shade in the summer. We are grateful for the cover provided by their leaves and branches. What many fail to realize is that their roots underground may be causing a lot of damage to the plumbing system. These can spread and reach the pipes, wrapping around them in a chokehold. These can gradually squeeze the pipes until they burst. Sometimes the tree roots enter pipes through pinhole leaks and make matters worse as they grow. Trees should always be planted away from the foundation and the sewage lines to avoid this scenario.

Plumbing Pipe Corrosion

Older homes may have used metal plumbing pipes during construction since this was the popular material at the time. Rust can develop across time and this corrosion eventually leads to cracks or holes around the pipes. This also has an adverse effect on the joints and seals. Weakened walls are more vulnerable to damage caused by high water pressure. If leaks are not addressed, then the condition of the pipes can worsen until they burst. Check the water coming out of the faucet. Rust will give the water a yellow or brown tint.

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image of a home addition

Property owners may want to add more structures around their home. They should inform the contractors about the location of the pipes so that these can be marked and taken care of. Otherwise, the workers might dig around without any caution and hit the pipes repeatedly. Construction projects may also cause the soil to shift and loosen up. If the pipes bear a heavier weight than they can comfortably carry, then they can succumb to the pressure. It can be expensive to resolve so prevention is better than cure.

Water Use

The heat of summer makes us use more water than other times of the year. We take a bath more often and we water our gardens on a more regular basis. We use the swimming pool more frequently as well. The increased water use means higher pressure to perform for the plumbing system. Any weakness will be exposed. Pipes that cannot handle the rise in pressure and constant use may burst unexpectedly. An expert plumber should deal with this right away to reduce water waste.

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Temperature Swing

image of an outdoor thermometer

Massive temperature swings caused rapid expansion and contraction. This can cause cracks to form on a wide range of materials from wood to glass to PVC pipes. Some pipes are exposed to the sun throughout the day so they can get scorching hot to the touch. If the weather suddenly turns foul and these get washed in rain, then homeowners can expect the pipes to weaken.

Hard Water

Another possible cause is hard water which is defined as having elevated levels of calcium and magnesium. These minerals can build up in the pipes and reduce the circumference of the water’s path. It slows downflow and increases pressure. Given the increased water usage during summer, there is a higher likelihood that hard water pipes will suffer from damage. Water treatment may reduce the effect of this phenomenon. Learn more about this and other prevention methods from licensed plumbers.

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Pipe Clogs

The pipes can get clogged when certain materials enter the system. These include sanitary products, laundry lint, cooking grease, and similar things. They get stuck inside and block the water’s path. In time, the clog gets bigger until water can no longer pass. This will cause sewage water to back up. It may also lead to burst pipes if not addressed right away. Always deal with the issue as soon as it becomes apparent. Get the help of experienced plumbers for guaranteed results.

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