How To Prevent Plumbing Catastrophes While On Vacation

family going on vacationYour home’s plumbing is a vital part of the functionality of your home. It removes waste and wastewater when you need it to. It provides clean water for drinking, bathing, and cooking. However, from time to time, something with your plumbing system can go wrong, impacting your everyday life.

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How To Prepare Your Plumbing While On Vacation

When heading out on vacation, a lot of the focus is outward: packing essentials, nailing down routes, choosing destinations and places to stay. For peace of mind, the home, and especially the plumbing, should not be neglected in vacation considerations. In fact, there are several steps to be taken to have a clear mind and a worry-free vacation. These vary from double-checking elements to ensuring that water is entirely turned off. While a few items on the list are necessary maintenance measures, others assure that significant catastrophes are averted.

Turn Off The Water

While many people know that pipes can freeze and burst in winter, many more do not consider the accidents that can happen with full pipes year-round. Turning off the water means that broken pipes don’t cause endless amounts of water damage while putting a severe drain on the finances with a sky-high water bill.


Empty Appliances

bethlehem plumbing company shares tipsMake sure that washing machines and dishwashers are empty and dry. Doing so will avoid unpleasant odors and mildew growth. As an added measure, you can even turn off the individual water to each of these, as well as to an ice machine if you have one.

Adjust The Water Heater

To save money, don’t have your water heater cycling regularly while you’re out. Turn it down to its lowest temperature. You can also turn it off. Just be sure to adjust it upon your return, or to warn any potential house sitters to do the same.

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Check Gutters

While keeping water damage in mind, remember the gutters. They are responsible for handling the rainwater poured onto your roof and depositing it carefully away from your foundations. Clogged gutters or downspouts prevent proper function, which can make heavy rains ruinous upon your return.

Check Landscaping

While it might be nice to know your lawn is neatly mowed while you are away, this step refers to checking for roots encroaching on sewer lines. A quick routine check can prevent quite a lot of grief later on.

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Prepare Toilets

toilet repairsTo avoid rings forming at the water level while you are gone, pour chlorine in the toilet bowl, only about half a cup, and shut the lid to prevent pets or small children from getting in the fluid.

Prepare Drains And Garbage Disposal

While more about avoiding unpleasant odors upon your return rather than avoiding total plumbing catastrophes, this element of home plumbing should not be forgotten. Clean out disposals and use a plumber-recommended drain cleaner to avoid the development of nasty smells and pesky drain flies.

Have A House Sitter

When away from home for longer than a couple of days, it can be an enormous relief to know someone trusted is keeping an eye on the house. This way, if the odds are against you and tragedy does occur, it can be nipped in the bud.

Have Emergency Contacts Prepared

If a watcher or neighbor does notice something awry with the home’s plumbing, it’s helpful to have your local plumber’s contact information as part of your emergency contacts while traveling.

As always, take the time to find a reputable plumber in your area. You can search for “plumbers near me”, read their plumbing reviews, and schedule an appointment with them. This way, you know that you are in good hands even if a plumbing emergency strikes when you are away.

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