Backflow Prevention: Homeowner Information

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What You Need To Know About Backflow

A plumbing system that does not receive the right care is at risk of various problems, including backflow.

The issue of backflow occurs when water starts flowing in the wrong direction. The home has different lines for transporting potable fresh water in and drainage out.

During backflow, the drainage water can flow back into the house and mix with the fresh water supply, which is hazardous. A backflow problem in the plumbing system can be hard to spot sometimes until it is too late. The best solution is to apply preventative measures to ensure that the risks of such occurrences are minimal.

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Causes Of Backflow

sprinkler systemTo prevent backflow in a home’s plumbing, a homeowner must understand what causes it.

One element to learn is that backflow is not a result of a clog in the system. The most frequent cause is an imbalance in the pressure level inside the plumbing. For a plumbing system to function optimally, the pressure in the water supply has to be higher than that in the pipes so that clean water can flow into the residence.

When there is a pressure imbalance, it will result in strong backstream pressure that exceeds the upstream pressure. This imbalance causes drainage water to flow back. Pressure imbalances can happen when a firefighting emergency uses up most of the water, temperatures spike in a boiler, or a water main line breaks. This backflow can result in contamination, making potable water unsafe for use. For a home with sprinklers or a garden hose fitted with pesticide or fertilizer applicators, any backflow will cause the water to suck these contaminants into the system, which is dangerous.

Common cross-connections are also big contributors to backflow issues in a home plumbing system. A cross connection refers to a physical link between an end use system like a water fixture, hose, irrigation system or water conditioning unit to the potable water.

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Backflow Prevention Options

backflow preventerDuring installation, plumbers fit water backflow preventers in the plumbing system to ensure that this problem does not occur. A plumber places them inside the pipes to prevent water from flowing back into the supply system. They provide a necessary air gap that eliminates cross-connections. It forces water to move only in the desired direction. A defective backflow preventer is, therefore, another culprit that can result in backflow.

An effective measure to prevent backflow is…

to ensure that that the backflow preventers are in good condition. Proper installation of the backflow preventers in the different sections of a plumbing system is critical. A backflow preventer should be present in lawn irrigation systems, chemical sprayers, and hose connections. Various parts of the plumbing should use the right devices, especially the cross-connections for satisfactory results.

Backflow preventers contain moving parts, so when there is no flow or pressure such as during winterization or de-pressurization, the components are at risk of failure. Periodic backflow preventer testing by a plumber can tell if they are functioning optimally.

The design of standard plumbing fixtures in the home have inbuilt air gaps that prevent backflow and the risk of contamination. Additional protection in the form of backflow preventers is necessary when connecting directly to the potable water system.


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