3 Things That Can Harm Your Aging Plumbing System

image of a historic homePlumbing system technologies have experienced remarkable growth over the past few decades. The advancement may not be as rapid as with other building components, but it is significant nonetheless.

We now enjoy things like filtration systems, water-saving technologies, and cutting-edge piping materials. These make new installations run better while improving reliability and reducing costs.

In contrast, older plumbing systems continue to suffer from drops in performance and durability. These may have worked well at the start, but age has inevitably caught up with them. The common issues are well-documented so learn as much as you can about them to protect your home.

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Common Issues With Aging Plumbing Systems

In this article, we discuss three primary issues that you may find with an older plumbing system.

1. Tree Roots & Residential Plumbing Systems

tree roots near water plumbing pipeIt’s nice to have a green backyard with lots of trees and other plants. They provide shade in the summer, which makes the sun bearable. Depending on the tree, you may also get flowers and fruits. On the other hand, they do have tree roots that can expand in all directions. Some of these might find the pipes and grow around them. They could strangle these and cause pipe breakage. Leaks will be a significant concern. They might also get inside the pipes and clog the system.

To be on the safe side, homeowners should call a professional plumber and request an inspection to see if roots are harming your pipes. This is of particular interest to those property owners who have trees growing near the house. This should be a reminder to observe proper distance for future planting activities.

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2. Rusted Plumbing Pipes

In the past, cast iron was considered as the material of choice for water pipes. Iron is known to be strong, after all, so it can withstand the pressure. It is also easily available and cheap to manufacture.

The problem is that iron is prone to rust. The fact that the pipes are carrying water in this application makes everything worse. After years of exposure to moisture, the rust will begin to develop and make the metal very brittle. The plumbing system can burst or leak in the weakest areas. Rust can mix with the water as well and cause health issues.

3. Mineral Buildup In The Water Pipes

mineral deposit on plumbing pipeOlder houses tend to experience declining water pressure. Several things may cause this including issues with the source itself or leaks around the plumbing system. It might also be a result of mineral buildup in the pipes.

Years and years of mineral deposits along the inner lining can reduce the effective pipe diameter. Water cannot flow as freely, and so the pressure drops over time. Calcium deposits are particularly common if the water is hard. One of the telltale signs is a white powdery substance around fixtures.

This problem is more likely to affect homes that depend on wells instead of public utilities which can treat the water. In this case, homeowners can prevent further buildup by using water softening filters. This should be placed between the well and the house to ensure that the minerals are blocked from entering the home pipes.

Regardless, you must talk to a professional plumber to find out what solutions are available to you. They will have the skills necessary to assess your situation and find the best answers.

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Other Dangers Of An Outdated Plumbing System

Aside from these three, other things to watch out for are old fixtures and sewer backups. All of the plumbing fixtures have a limited lifespan. For example, faucets are mechanical devices that can succumb to wear and tear. They might become prone to leaks after a while, so you have to replace them to conserve water and prevent water damage.

Sewer lines, on the other hand, are often forgotten as they are buried deep underneath the ground. However, they will call for attention if something is wrong by emitting a foul odor. This might be a case of a sewer backup that is preventing the normal flow of water. It is always advisable to consult an experienced plumber when dealing with these issues.

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