Why Is My Toilet Leaking?

Leaking toilets are common but troublesome because they can result in astonishingly high water bills, structural damage and major cleanup chores. Smart homeowners and renters stay on top of routine maintenance chores like inspecting their plumbing regularly and repairing leaks when detected. Using professional plumbing services is an even better way to prevent leaking toilets, but you can fix many of the most common issues that results in leaks.

Breaches of the wax seal and the connections between the bowl and water tank or water tanks and supply source are the most common sources of leaks. Internal leaks are also incredibly common when toilets run continuously. This is usually caused by a damaged flapper, the assembly inside the toilet tank. These are easily replaced and usually interchangeable from supplies at any hardware store. You can often see or hear the toilet running but not always. If you’re unsure, drop a few drops of food coloring into the tanks and see if colored water appears in the bowl. The colored water can also help to identify other kinds of leaks like cracks in the porcelain.



The Toilet Seal

Although you can repair a leaky seal between the flange in the floor and the base of the toilet, the job is difficult. Getting plumbing services from qualified professionals makes sense so that you don’t waste money on a repair that needs to be redone.

Tank to Bowl Leaks

You might need a sponge gasket or new washers for the bolts that attach your tank to the bowl. Parts can vary, so remove the tank from the bowl to find out what kind of gasket and washers to buy.

Water Supply Leaks

Water supply leaks can occur between the pipes and toilet or come from a leaky valve. The vale and connections might only need tightening, or they could need replacing. These are among the easiest causes of leaks to identify, but you should observe the area while the toilet is being flushed and when the bowl is full and the water has stopped running.

Other Issues that Cause Toilet Leaks

There are many different models, styles and sizes of toilets, but most leaks are caused by these general problems. Condensation can also cause water to appear on your toilet or floor due to temperature differences between the water and atmosphere, especially during summer.

Replacing old toilets with more energy-efficient models can save hundreds of dollars in water bills and Plumber Fixing Toiletreduce the chances of getting leaks for years. Plumbing services are often undervalued, but a little maintenance can prevent lots of expensive leaks, water damage and personal inconvenience while eventually saving more money than the work costs.

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