Top Reasons To Install A Water Filtration System

image of whole house water filters Palmer PA70% of our bodies are made of water, and so is a large portion of the earth we live in. We need drinking water to survive. We also need water to cook, wash our laundry, and bathe.

Not just any water will work to maintain a healthy body. For reasons, intentional and unintentional, tap water contains harmful impurities, toxins, and even contamination. Professional grade, whole house water filters are the best choice for four top reasons.

Save Money

If saving money doesn’t get your attention, nothing will. Even with an Internet full of tips on the subject, most people never think of a money saver as simple as a water filter. One of the obvious savings is minimizing the money you’ll have to spend getting store bought bottled water.

You’ll also cut back on the need to get routine tests on your water. Getting a professional to install your water filtration system is the biggest upfront cost, and you’ll pay less than a hundred bucks a year to get a new filter. That’s still less than the cost of buying cases of water each week or even using the store-bought water filter that you’ll need to replace often. It’s also much less costly than having to repair or replace household appliances that operate poorly from impure water.

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Improve Your Health

Impurities like lead and heavy metals cause hard water and require you to use more soap to get clean. Using a professionally installed water filtration system will soften the water. The water filter will also reduce fluoride and chlorine, so baths are less likely to cause or agitate skin conditions. Your hair, skin, and body will also benefit from using a water filter:

• Clean clothes without soap scum or deposits that could rub off on skin
• Healthy drinking water
• Cleaner meals, less toxins going into the body
• Water filter to remove parasites that could cause illnesses

Safer Drinking Water

No one wants to taste or smell chlorine, ammonia, or other “cleaning agents” in your water. Pollutants in piping and chemicals in water treatment systems alter the natural smell and taste of the water you drink. Have a water filtration system installed to manage pH levels and experience how your water should really taste and smell.

Water Filter Protection During Disasters

Sewage spills or pipe bursts contaminate water, causing lifestyle inconvenience and safety hazards. Having a professionally installed water filtration system and water filter protects from the effects of disasters.
Cancer, viruses, and gastrointestinal diseases have occurred at alarming rates. The systems our cities use to “purify” water are often cheap or ineffective. These actions most often cause more harm than good. It’s not enough to use chemicals to “treat” or mask sewage polluted water. Therefore, be confident that your water is safe with a professional grade whole house water system.


Whole House Water Filters Palmer PA

There are many advantages to installing a whole house water filter. It keeps your family healthy and safe.  Be sure to contact Robinson Plumbing if you have any questions or to find out more information about getting one installed in your home.

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