The Hard Truth About Hard Water & How It Damages Your Plumbing

hard waterThe water coming out of our faucets may seem clear and pure, but the reality may be quite different. Sometimes the freshwater supply contains high levels of minerals. Calcium and magnesium are among the most significant impurities. In such a case, we refer to the liquid as “hard water.”

Hard water is not necessarily bad for our health, but it can have some unwanted effects on the plumbing system and appliances. Over time, homeowners may find this situation inconvenient. The best way to cope is to understand how water becomes hard, its effect on the household, and how to deal with it.

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Water Softener Installation Cementon PA: The Hard Truth About Hard Water

In this article, we discuss the effect of hard water on your plumbing system. We also cover what you can do to prevent your hard water from damaging your plumbing system and appliances.

The Process Of Water Hardening In Cementon PA

Aquifers get much of their water from the rain. Raindrops are pure when they are released from the clouds. Once the rain lands on the ground, it flows across a considerable distance before reaching its destinations. They usually pick up minerals along the way which hardens the water. Naturally, the level of hardness will depend on the mineral content that was absorbed.

The hardness can be measured in grains of mineral per gallon or GPG and in milligrams per liter or mg/L. As for the US Geological Survey, water hardness is defined in terms of milligrams of calcium carbonate for every liter of water. A range of 121-180 mg/L is considered to be hard.

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Problems Traced To Hard Water

water softener installationThe trouble with hard water is that it can lead to soap scum buildup and inhibit suds. Households will need to use more soap than they would with soft water just to clean various items. Minerals can also build up inside the pipes, which could eventually restrict or even block the flow of water. Ceramic tiles and fixtures will also experience scale buildup on their surfaces that look unsightly. Appliances that get a regular flow such as water heaters can become problematic and suffer from shorter lifespans. Clothes can wear down faster after repeated washing and dishes can have spots even after cleaning.

Hard water is not usually detrimental to one’s health, but it can have unwanted consequences. For example, using this type of water for bathing can make it harder to rinse off soap and shampoo. The chemicals stay on longer than they should, causing the skin and hair to dry up. People can end up looking dull instead of glowing after a shower. If you have problems with your hair despite using various expensive products, then you might want to look into this issue. Perhaps this is the root cause of the dryness and the frizz.

Hard Water Testing In Cementon

There are many ways to test for hard water. If you suspect that this is a problem in your home, then do a visual inspection of your plumbing. If you see a buildup of white scales on the plumbing fixtures like the exposed pipes and the faucet, then you are probably looking at calcium deposits. You could also place a good amount of water and a drop of dish soap in a closed container. Give it a shake to see if you can get a lot of soap suds. If you are having a difficult time producing suds, then you are likely dealing with hard water. You could go to a hardware store to purchase a test strip that will change color depending on mineral presence. Your water company can also do laboratory tests for detailed results.


Best Methods To Deal With Hard Water

The water can be conditioned using various products to reduce the hardness. However, homeowners can also install a water softener by experienced plumbers. A water softener installation is the most effective way to deal with this issue.


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