Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater

hot water heater installationEvery appliance in your house will need replacement sooner or later, and your water heater is no exception. Though the average water heater has a lifespan of as much as eight to ten years, many people use their water heaters far past the use-by date, and this could be exposing your family to rust and other toxins. It can also risk structural damage to your house.

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Here are some sure signs that it’s time to replace your water heater.

Red, Rusty Water Coming From Heater Water

Rust is a sign of oxidization – that’s oxygen coming into contact with the substance and causing the decay that we see as rust. There are a few ways it can show up in your water heater.

If you’re finding rust in the water or on the tank or you notice that your water starts tasting metallic, request the services of a local plumber to have it replaced. Ingesting rust can lead to serious medical conditions. Rust in the water can point to a rusting tank, or rusting taps or outlet valves – make sure you check all of these to see where the rust is coming from.


There’s Noise Coming From The Tank

Noise coming from your tank is almost always a bad thing and another sign that your water tank will likely need a replacement.

The source of the noise could be loose sediment floating around in your tank – and it almost goes without saying that it’s another one of those things you don’t want in your water supply.

Most people don’t know that their water heating tank needs a yearly flush to keep it in good condition; this can usually prevent the presence of sediment before it shows up.

If you’re having trouble with a noisy tank, your first step should be getting in touch with your plumber.

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Water Heater Pools Water Underneath

If you suddenly have a pool of water under your tank, it’s likely a sign that your water heater will need a replacement entirely. Water leaks are never good, and if it’s not because of loose or improperly fitted fittings or taps, it’s damage to your tank.

First, check the fittings and taps for potential wear – and do the same to the outside of the tank. Rust and decay can cause leaks to spring up.

This circumstance puts you at risk of severe damage to the surroundings of the tank, and it can even make you sick: Damp, wet environments are a great breeding ground for mold. The labor cost to install a water heater, as well as the unit, are much cheaper to deal with.

Water Doesn’t Heat Up & Water Heater Temperature

no hot waterPlumbers recommend that your water heater’s temperature should be between 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature ensures that you have hot water coming out the other end, and restricts the growth of harmful microorganisms in your water that could make your family ill, like Legionella.

It’s also recommended that you don’t set your water heater too far above 120 degrees to prevent the risk of burns.

Water that doesn’t heat up or takes too long to reach the right temperature is commonly due to a malfunctioning element, and usually, it is the first sign that your water heater needs replacing.

It could also mean that your current water tank is too small to accommodate the size of the family or house – common if the problem is a recent one. Again, your best bet is a replacement. Call a reputable plumber in your area.

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Your Water Heater & Age

Most water heating tanks have a lifespan of around ten years if you take good care of it – but most people already have an existing water heating tank in their home by the point they move into it. Remarkably few people account for the water heater use of the previous homeowners.

By the time you move into your house, it’s likely that the tank could be well past its use date. The best way to find out is to get in touch with a plumber and have them check out your tank.

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If you notice any of the above signs, then do not hesitate to call a plumber right away. They will be able to find the cause of these issues and offer practical solutions to resolve it.

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