How Long Does A Water Heater Last?

water heaterHave you wondered about how long your water heater should last? If you are like most people, it is not high on your list of priorities. This is especially true when you rent the house that you live in. Regardless of whether you own own or rent, a water heater’s lifespan should be very important to you. This is because when you let your water heater get far past its lifespan, it can leak and create water damage among other issues.

We agree that this sounds like a major problem that you don’t want to deal with but there are ways of avoiding such issues. Robinson Plumbing is here to help by offering water heater replacement. Kutztown PA homeowners and renters can avoid major headaches by knowing the age of their water heater and replacing it before it gets to that point.

By getting a water heater replacement before your water heating system fails…

you can prevent a leak or a flood in your home.This also prevents the mold and water damage that is typically associated with a leaking water heater. You can save money by upgrading to a modern and more energy efficient model. It all starts with knowing the age of your water heater. The need for a water heater replacement can differ based on the type and model of water heater. However, there are some general guidelines to follow when it comes to determining when you should replace the water heater. In this article, we will discuss what these general guidelines are.

Water Heater Installation

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Water heaters are not exactly attractive. Typically, they are kept in places where they are not often seen. This can make it so you tend to forget about your heater. Even though this is the case, it is crucial that you are aware of when it was installed and when you need to obtain a replacement.

General Rule Of Thumb

Plumber who just fiinished a water heater replacement in a residential Kutztown PA homeUsually, a water heater will last…

around 10 years. However, some of them have lasted much  longer, up to 20 years. It is important to note that, like all heating systems, water heaters do lose their efficiency with time.

Therefore, even if your ancient water heater is acting fine and is not showing signs of a breakdown, it is still costing you more to heat your water than you should be paying. This certainly adds up after a while.

Serial Number

It is necessary that you locate the serial number on the heating unit. This should be in the form of a letter and a two-digit number. The letter shows the month it was constructed. For instance, A is equal to January, B to February and so on. The numbers denote the year of construction.

When To Replace The Water Heater

It is a good idea to get a new water heater when it is close to one to two years from the end of its shelf life. You will want to watch out for any issues that indicate wear on the heater that can be harmful, so you can replace it when necessary. You can reach out to a reputable plumber who can assist you.

Some of the symptoms you will want to look out for include the following:

  • Rusty water – When the cold water is coming out clear, but the hot water is not, make sure you have your water heater checked out.
  • Performance –If the hot water is not available for as long, or it takes longer to become hot when you run the shower or sink faucet, the water heater may be on its way out.
  • Water leak – This one can be as simple as there being a loose connection in the plumbing. This should be checked to rule out whether or not it is a faulty water heating system. Leaks should be always addressed immediately.
  • Strange Noises –You may hear banging noises if calcium has built up in the heater from hard water. This can develop a thick crust that causes the noises, and means you should replace the heating unit.

As you can see, it is a tricky matter to tell if you will need a new hot water heater. For this reason, it is important that you have a dependable plumber or agency that can take a look. They can assist you with whatever plumbing issue you are dealing with. Reach out as soon as you suspect a problem, or if you know that the shelf life of your water heater is almost over.
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Water Heater Replacement Kutztown PA

When your water heater reaches the end of its lifespan, then you can be proactive and replace it. This will prevent any of the issues mentioned above. Make sure that you find a reputable plumber to install your water heater. The installation of your new system is just as important as the type of unit you invest in. The installation affects its performance and energy efficiency.

Robinson Plumbing offers a wide range of plumbing services including water heater replacement and water heater installations. We work with different power sources such as gas and electric. All of our plumbers are certified and have lots of experience in the plumbing industry. Therefore, by working with us, you will receive a courteous, knowledgeable, and professional plumber. Be sure to call us today if you believe that your water heater is on its way out or if you have any other plumbing issue.

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