Tips For Choosing The Right Toilet

ToiletWhen you need to install or replace a toilet, it may seem like a simple choice. However, today’s bathroom fixtures come in numerous varieties with different prices and benefits.

To maximize comfort and efficiency while enhancing the room’s appearance, you will need to consider several factors. Taking the time to do this will ensure that you select a toilet that suits your needs. You certainly don’t want to select a toilet at random and hope for the best. You would be surprised at how much time is spent at the toilet.

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Things To Consider Before A Toilet Replacement Saucon PA

In this article, we will discuss some factors that you should consider before choosing a new toilet for your bathroom.

The Toilet’s Flushing System & Water Use

Some models consume more water than others. To reduce your water bill and any pumping costs, choose a low-flow product. Fortunately, modern low-flow toilets are far more reliable than the units manufactured in the 1990s. For the maximum water savings, look for a dual-flush system. This technology makes it possible to trigger a partial or complete flush when desired.

Many toilets use the older gravity-flush system. It works dependably and seldom needs repair. If you want to achieve greater water efficiency or increase the power of each flush, select a model with a pressure or assisted flush system. These units combine gravity and air to maximize their flushing power.

Consider Adding A Bidet Toilet To Your Saucon Bathroom

People who have difficulty showering may appreciate the addition of a bidet. This water fixture is common in France and other parts of the world but has yet to reach more than one out of five American bathrooms. Nonetheless, it has the potential to boost a home’s value. Homeowners who want to spend less money can opt to purchase add-on toilet seats with integrated bidets.

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Be Sure To Take Toilet Bowl Shape Into Consideration

toilet replacementRound bowls cost less and conserve space. They provide the best option if you have a relatively small room or the toilet is near another immovable object, such as a wall or door. On the other hand, an elongated bowl may deliver greater comfort for some individuals. It demands about three inches of extra space.

Make Sure Your Toilet Replacement Is The Right Height

You should consider the heights and ages of your home’s occupants when selecting a toilet height. Think about physical disabilities and ailments as well. Comfort-height models often appeal to seniors, disabled individuals, and tall people. They add about two inches to the standard height. However, kids may have difficulty using these taller toilets.

Extra-tall units increase the height by up to five inches. They boost comfort for particularly tall people and some individuals with disabilities. These toilets remain harder to find than the alternatives; it may take longer to purchase and receive an extra-tall model. Children might experience leg pain if they try to use an excessively tall toilet.

If you run a child care center in your home, think about selecting a particularly low height and a model that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Different heights are desirable depending on the average age. For instance, an 11-inch unit will probably work best if most of the kids are three or four years old.

You will likely prefer the standard height if you are less than five feet and five inches tall. Additionally, these units are preferable for anyone who suffers from constipation. They might also prove desirable in a small bathroom with an unusually low ceiling or a low wall-mounted cabinet.

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Available Toilet Style Options

Toilets come in three primary styles. One-piece models combine the bowl and tank into a single unit. They simplify cleaning and look modern. On the other hand, a conventional two-piece toilet costs somewhat less. Wall-mounted models have an impressive appearance and make some cleaning tasks a bit easier, but they are costly and more challenging to maintain.



To sum it up, you can benefit from considering the height, style, flushing method, bowl shape, and expense when comparing models. The right choice varies depending on your physical traits and financial priorities. Please feel free to contact Robinson Plumbing, your local plumbing experts, if you need help selecting or installing a new toilet.

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