Why Does My Toilet Continuously Run?

image of homeowner who needs toilet repair services Whitehall PAA toilet that constantly runs can be incredibly irritating and surprisingly costly. Just think of all the cold, hard cash that is, well, going down the toilet in the form of higher water bills. Rest assured, while aggravating, a running toilet is a very common issue. Most homeowners will run into at one point or another.

A constant hissing sound is a good indicator that you have a broken, running toilet. If each individual flush fails to end with a gurgle and instead results in an aggravating hissing, with water running into the toilet bowl, it is probably time to call a plumber.

Causes Of A Running Toilet

Most constantly running toilets are typically caused by an issue with a broken ballcock or intake valve. However, the toilet’s tank ball or the float ball may also be to blame. The flapper, which controls how much water flows into the toilet tank, is another potential culprit. If this little device is inoperable or fails to close correctly, it will almost always result in a running toilet.

Your toilet may also have a plastic balloon fixed to the pump. This is what you see floating on top of the water when you remove the back tank cover. This plastic balloon has a simple but very important job. It lets the pump know when the tank is full so that it stops continually filling with water. However, this can break from time to time. If this balloon floats too high, then your toilet will hiss as it continues to run. In the very worst case, this could actually cause your tank to overflow. This is because the mechanism fails to signal to the tank to stop filling. It goes without saying this can lead to much bigger problems. Many homeowners would rather pull their hair out than deal with a flooded bathroom or the eventual replacement of water damaged flooring.

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Best Ways To Fix A Running Toilet

These types of potential complications are important to keep in mind. While many homeowners attempt to fix common toilet issues on their own, the overwhelming majority end up creating bigger and more costly plumbing issues. For this reason it is always best to stick with a professional.

The good news is that a fix for this particular issue is typically pretty easy and inexpensive. Plus, it will save you a ton on your water bill.


Toilet Repair Services Whitehall PA

A professional plumber will be able to easily diagnose any issues. They will have all the necessary tools for an easy fix. Additionally, hiring a professional plumber can help minimize errors that often creep up when you attempt a DIY plumbing fix.

A plumbing expert may also help mitigate future problems. Plumbing problems could end up costing big time cash in the long run. For example, a professional plumber may spot additional problems, such as mold issues or polybutylene piping. Hiring a seasoned plumber is also the only true way to ensure that your plumbing project stays on schedule. It also ensures that it stays within budget. Additionally, a plumber has the skills and knowledge to deeply understand the nature of the problem. Sometimes there is more going on than what meets the eye.

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