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Common Toilet Plumbing Issues

A toilet is one of the most important plumbing features in a building. From time to time, toilets often develop different types of problems. To ensure you don’t feel frustration whenever you have a plumbing problem with your toilet, you will need two things: knowledge of how the toilet works and the contact details of a reliable plumber.

While you can always try to troubleshoot the problem, the best thing you can do is to call a qualified plumber as soon as you notice your toilet has a problem. The following are the most common toilet plumbing issues that every homeowner should know about:

Clogged Toilet

You know you have a toilet clog when you flush the toilet, but wastewater does not drain away. It can also drain away slowly. Using too much toilet paper or throwing female sanitary products into the toilet is usually to blame for the clogging. If you keep flushing the toilet, water will overflow and spew onto the floor. This is a plumbing emergency that warrants an emergency response. Be sure to call your plumber immediately to unclog the toilet and clean up the mess.

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Toilet Doesn’t Flush

broken flush assemblyWhichever make or model of toilet you have at home…

a failed flush is stressful. After all, you have to pour water from a bucket into the toilet to take away the waste. The underlying problem is sometimes lack of water in the tank or a problem in the flush assembly. Whenever you experience this type of problem, be sure to call your plumber to come and fix it. They will know how to fix a toilet that won’t flush. Trying to fix the problem on your own can only worsen the problem.

Leaking Toilet

If the inlet continuously releases water into the tank like a recently flushed toilet, the tank is possibly leaking water into the toilet. Over time, the cost of the leaking water will run up to hundreds of dollars. Furthermore, the noise produced by dripping water can be annoying.

To confirm if your toilet is leaking, pour some food coloring into the tank. After a few minutes, check the toilet bowl. If the water in the toilet bowl is the same color as the food coloring, then you have a toilet leak. A qualified plumber will know how to fix a toilet that keeps running. They know how to fix toilet leak and are able to carry out the necessary adjustments to resolve this problem.

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Partial Flushing

leaking toiletThis is one of the most common plumbing problems experienced at home.

You flush the toilet, but only a small amount of water releases into the bowl.

This can be due to a waterlogged flapper that drops too fast. The timing for the flapper is important. If it drops too fast or too slow, then this affects the capacity of your toilet to flush.

Ideally, the flapper should stay up until 80% of the water releases before dropping. If your toilet has this type of problem, you can have the flapper, or the correct toilet repair parts, replaced or repaired. Call a plumber. They will know how to fix a toilet flapper.

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Leaky Seals

If you find water around the toilet, but it’s not coming from the tank, the problem could be a leaky seal at the base of the toilet. The average toilet has a wide range of seals that often deteriorate with time. To stop these leaks, you need to install new seals. Just call a qualified plumber to come and inspect your toilet before replacing the leaky seal.

Toilet Repair Allentown PA

Robinson Plumbing offers toilet repair throughout the Lehigh Valley. We will examine your toilet and determine the best solution to fix the problem.

We will offer you all of the available options so that you can make a decision about what works best for you.

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