Why Does My Toilet Gurgle When The Shower Drains?

image of a gurgling toilet when shower drains

Whenever you hear the toilet gurgling when shower drains, it’s typically a sign that something is blocking the vent. This calls for toilet repair. Homeowners should not ignore a plumbing issue like this. Even the expert plumbers at Robinson Plumbing agree that it is easy to ignore a gurgling toilet. However, there is more to it than what you might realize.

The drain noises are more than just annoying.

By calling a plumber for a toilet repair service, you might find out the actual cause of the problem. In fact, it can actually be the precursor to a blocked pipe that leads to the shutdown of your bathroom. This can also lead to costly plumbing fees. Therefore, to avoid costly, avoidable plumbing repair costs, be sure to call a plumber right when you notice this.

Robinson Plumbing is here to offer repair services for your toilet or any other plumbing fixture repair in your home. This article talks about what a gurgling toilet means and what you can do about it.

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Why Does My Toilet Gurgle When The Shower Drains?

The objective of venting plumbing drains is to create a passageway where sewage can be adequately dispersed. They also displace the vacuum caused by flowing water. Usually, plumbing code requires that pipes are drained and vented separately. However, when they are close together, one drain can vent through a tube that also serves the drain for another fixture. This is a relatively standard configuration in most bathrooms. Professional plumbers refer to it as wet venting. When a drain gets blocked, air enters or exits through one of the fixtures when another one is used.

The reason that a toilet will gurgle when a bathtub is drained is that its wet vent is possibly blocked. A vacuum created by the flow of water from the shower is strong enough to pull air through the toilet’s P-trap. In another scenario, air from rushing water can’t escape the drain properly. It is forced out of the toilet. This is where the gurgling sounds come from, with the bubbles sometimes being visible. A sufficient blockage can also inadvertently affect the toilet’s flushing mechanism. This type of issue is very different than your basic toilet flapper repair or a toilet repair flush valve.


Roof  Air Vent & Vacuum

Water rushing in from the tub’s pipe travels through a slightly sloped horizontal waste line and then goes to the city’s sewer or your home’s septic tank. This waste line utilizes a roof air vent, mitigating pressure. The air vent stops a vacuum from forming that would slow down the flow of water. A clog in the waste line can slow down the water to the point that it starts to fill the waste line. Consequently, the roof vent servicing the toilet becomes clogged. A build-up of pressure will occur which will eventually find its way to the path of least resistance. Basically, this is your open toilet. Large air bubbles will eventually form, and you will start to hear the familiar gurgling sound.

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What Causes Plumbing Roof Vent Blockage?

image of plumbing roof vent

Sometimes a small living creature like a bird or rat enters your roof vent and dies. Its body becomes waterlogged, expands, and becomes big enough to clog the vent, drain, or sometimes even both. Another scenario is a septic system that is full past its capacity, preventing waste from flowing freely. This can happen that due to torrential rains.

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What To Do To Solve A Gurgling Toilet

To alleviate the issue, remove any physical blockages in the drain. Depending on the blockage, some homeowners can use an enzyme-based cleaner to disintegrate any items further down the pipe. Remember that caustic chemicals can damage your pipes. You can try a plunger. If plunging does not fix the problem, then traveling up to the roof and removing any accumulated debris will stop any vacuum issues. This allows for air dispersion to go uninterrupted.

This is not a DIY project.

However, the best method to deal with an issue like this is to call a professional plumber. They will understand why this is happening and find the best solution for the issue. Sometimes this problem is caused by the improper ventilation of your plumbing system. Regardless, homeowners who conduct DIY plumbing repairs usually end up paying far more than necessary to repair the initial problem. For example, it is not uncommon for homeowners to try to figure out how to fix a toilet leak and before they know it, they have a broken toilet, water damage, and much more to contend with.

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