Top Tips For Replacing A Sump Pump

installation of a sump pumpAs with any other mechanical device, sump pumps are not immortal. They do wear out or malfunction at times. Since their purpose is to remove excess water from the basement or foundation of your house in Macungie or any other part of the Lehigh Valley that may experience water problems, the most likely time for you to discover that yours is not working properly is when you suddenly notice six inches of water in your home.

This is another way of saying that most people ignore the recommendations about annual maintenance and test runs for the equipment. They simply assume that it will work when they need it to, and they are occasionally subject to a big surprise.

Things To Consider With Sump Pumps

In any event, let’s assume that you need to replace an inoperative sump pump. There are a number of things to keep in mind if you choose to perform this work yourself. The first and most important one is to remember that a sump pump is an electric motor that sits in a pool of water. Before you do anything else, pull the plug, trip the breaker, and make triple sure that there is no power leading to your presumably dead appliance before you do anything else.

Need a simple guide on how a sump pump works? Click here.

Next, take a lot of pictures of the installation as it currently exists. Make sure you get multiple well-lit angles on everything. Professionals know exactly what part goes where on a sump pump but you might end up with a pile of parts and no memory of how they all went back together. Of course you can figure it out given time, but make it easy on yourself and record what every part of it looks like before you remove it or start unbolting stuff.

The only really hard part of removing a sump pump is getting the assembly loose from the pipe that drains the water out of your home. In most cases, there should be a check valve, which is sort of a bronze metal thing screwed into the middle of the outlet pipe. Unscrewing the pipe may be possible at this location, If it is not, it is usually easier to simply saw cleanly across the plastic pipe somewhere just above this valve. Later on, after reassembly, you can install a pipe sleeve, which is simply a plain round collar that slips over the pipe and is glued into place, to put it all back together again.

Once you have your old pump out, the easiest thing to do is to take the old one to a plumbing supply house or lumber yard and ask for an exact duplicate of the one you have. This makes it a lot easier to put everything back together again.

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When To Call A Professional Plumber

If you find that your current pump may not be the right size for your needs, or that no exact substitute is available, you may be getting into a little more than the average homeowner can easily take care of themselves. At this point, it may be better to consult with a licensed plumber. He can perform the necessary flow and square-footage calculations, check that your sump pit is draining properly, and ensure that it is not a shocking experience when you plug it back in. Sometimes a professional is the best and only person to handle a sump pump replacement in Macungie, PA.



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