Is A Tankless Water Heater Right For You?

tankless water heater in homeA typical tankless water heater has a gas burner or an electric element that heats water on demand, allowing the heater to deliver a constant supply of hot water. In other words, a tankless heater, as the name suggests, has no storage take. On average, instant water heaters provide hot water at a rate of two to five gallons per minute. Typically, electric on-demand water heaters produce lower flow rates than gas-fired on-demand heaters.

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Tankless Water Heater Emmaus PA: Is It Right For You?

Below is some more information about tankless hot water heaters to help you decide whether an on-demand heater is right for your home.

On-Demand Water Heaters Use Less Space

Instant hot water heaters are significantly smaller than conventional storage tank water heaters.

Because of this, they are typically mounted on walls, meaning they do not take up any floor space. Still, instant hot water heaters can deliver an unlimited amount of hot water. However, if you have simultaneous demands of hot water, you should install multiple tankless hot water heaters in parallel to meet your hot water demands.

Energy Efficiency & Tankless Water Heaters

Because tankless water heaters do not use a storage tank to heat and store hot water, they are generally more energy efficient than traditional storage tank water heaters.

For example, for a home that uses less than 41 gallons of hot water every day, instant water heaters can be between 24% and 34% more energy efficient than traditional hot water heaters, according to the US Department of Energy (DoE). For homes that use about 86 gallons of water daily, on-demand water heaters can be anything from 8% to 14% more energy efficient than conventional storage tank heaters, says the DoE. What’s more, if you install an ENERGY STAR qualified on-demand water heater at each hot water outlet, you can achieve energy savings of up to 50%. In general, ENERGY STAR qualified on-demand water heaters can help you cut your annual water heating costs by $100 or more, according to the DoE.

Tankless Water Heater & Cost

While the initial cost of an on-demand water heater may be significantly higher than the price of a traditional hot water heater system, on-demand hot water heaters last about five years longer on average than conventional water heaters. Additionally, instant hot water heaters consume less energy than traditional hot water heaters because they eliminate the standby heat losses associated with traditional water heaters. By considering all these factors, tankless water heaters offer better value for money over the long term.

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What Are The Disadvantages Of On-Demand Water Heaters?

hot water heaterFirstly, the cost of operating a pilot light in an on-demand water heater could potentially make the heater energy inefficient, especially gas-fired on-demand heaters, which tend to have high flow rates. In contrast, the pilot light in a gas-fired traditional water heater heats the water in the tank, improving the heater’s energy efficiency.

Secondly, according to manufactures of tankless water heaters, you should hire a qualified plumber to inspect and flush your on-demand hot water heater regularly to prevent the buildup of minerals such as calcium. However, traditional water heaters require maintenance too. To ensure reliable performance, a traditional water heater needs to be flushed annually.

Thirdly, tankless hot water heaters require minimum flow rates in order to work properly. For instance, some units have minimum flow rates of ½ gallon per minute. This means that you may need to replace your water pipes to ensure they are capable of delivering the required flow rates before you install hot water heaters.

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Compared to traditional storage tank water heaters, tankless water heaters do not take up any floor space, they are more energy efficient and they offer better value for money over the long term. To avoid unwanted breakdowns, hire a qualified plumbing service to maintain your tankless hot water heater regularly.

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