tips on what to do about noisy plumbing pipes

Tips On What To Do About Noisy Pipes

Water hammer is a plumbing problem, characterized by a banging or thumping sound produced when pressure builds up inside water pipes. If you do not take steps to remedy this situation, it could cause problems such as pipe collapse. In this article, we discuss some useful tips on what to do about noisy pipes. Read more »

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What Is The Banging Sound In My Water Pipes?

Have you been hearing some noises coming from your water pipes? Are you wondering what these noises are, what is causing them, and how to solve them? Well, today is your lucky day. In this article, we will discuss these noises. The banging sound in your water pipes is a water hammer. They are more common than you might realize. You will normally hear them when you turn off your faucet. Click through to learn what to do about your water hammer. Read more »