Prepare Your Home With A Sump Pump This Spring

flooded basementHome ownership is something that many people look forward to. After all, there is pride in living in your own home and making it your own. However, home ownership comes with many responsibilities. For starters, you have to maintain the structure of the building, the lawn, plumbing, among other systems in the building.

Many homeowners use the change of seasons as a time to complete a specific set of tasks around their home. As spring quickly approaches, homeowners need to prepare their home from snowmelt, rainfall, and the upcoming warm weather. Read on to learn how to prepare your home with a sump pump this spring.

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Sump Pump Installation Northampton PA: What Is A Sump Pump?

A sump pump is an electric motor-driven water pump that a plumber will install at the lowest point in a building. The primary goal is to prevent accumulation or build up of water in crawlspaces and basements. A sump pump removes water from the basement and safely disposes of it through the drainage system.

It is important to note that sump pumps are automatically activated, so when there is water buildup in the basement, the pump will turn on automatically and pump out the water. While this may sound simple, sump pump installation is complicated. Ideally, property owners should hire a competent plumber to do the installation.

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Benefits Of Sump Pump Installation For Your Northampton Home

i) A Sump Pump Can Prevent Water Damage

sump pumpWhen floodwater finds its way into your basement and crawlspaces, you can expect a significant amount of water damage to occur. The damage to your home will increase with time. Therefore, the longer you wait to remove the free-standing water, the worse the damage will be. Since water damage can be incredibly costly to fix, acting fast will save you money. By installing a sump pump correctly in the basement, therefore, you can be assured of preventing or mitigating water damage on your property.

ii) Prevent Mold And Mildew Growth

Mold and mildew usually thrive in warm and humid conditions. When there is floodwater in the crawlspaces or basement of your home, mold and mildew will grow fast. Since these fungi pose a health risk to your family, and can also damage the structure of your home, it is in your best interest to prevent their growth and multiplication. The best way to do this is to hire a competent plumber to install a suitable sump pump strategically in your basement floor. The moment floodwater accumulates in your basement, the pump will get rid of it. Therefore, a sump pump will ensure that mold and mildew do not grow in your basement.

iii) Reduce The Risk Of Fires During Flooding

When your home gets flooded with water, electrical appliances and power outlets may get shorted. As a result, a fire may arise due to the shorting-circuiting of your electrical systems. By installing a sump pump in your home, you will prevent water levels from rising high enough to affect any electrical systems. Therefore, a sump pump will help you reduce the risk of fire.

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Sump Pump Installation: What You Should Know

sump pumpsA sump pump is a submersible pump that is powered by an electric motor. Since there are usually power outages during a storm, a sump pump should have a battery back-up to ensure your home does not get flooded due to a power outage.

It is important to note that sump pump installation is a job for professionals. Therefore, you should look for a licensed plumber with a lot of experience in the industry to do the job.

Experienced plumbers have installed many sump pumps in all kinds of buildings. Therefore, they can help you choose a suitable sump pump and install the device properly in your basement.

As you prepare for spring, be sure to look for the most competent plumbing company in your area to install a sump pump on your property.

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