Advantages Of Including A Utility Sink In The Laundry Room

sink installationThe benefits of a utility sink in your laundry room are amazing. Your home invariably needs a place where you can handle large-scale cleaning tasks. A laundry room utility sink is the ideal solution.

Most homeowners only consider where to put the washer and dryer. However, the supportive role of a utility sink can make your life a whole lot easier.

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Reasons To Consider A Laundry Room Sink Installation Hellertown PA

Some of the benefits of a laundry room utility sink in your home include:

  • Extra-deep sink that can accommodate mop buckets, pet cleaning and vigorous washing of stockpots and deep pans
  • An ideal place to soak stained clothing
  • Ability to empty the washer into the sink to filter lint and hair
  • Great place for washing delicate fabrics by hand
  • A place to water plants and let the excess water drain
  • Perfect location for dyeing clothing or hair
  • A place to soak utility rags in bleach water

Utility Sinks Offer An Easy Place To Rinse

laundry room sinkUtility sinks are ideal for quick rinses of filthy children, pets, gardening equipment, and paint brushes. You can soak athletic clothes caked in mud to keep your washing machine clean. When your kids get assigned projects to do, you always end up with cleanup. Therefore, a laundry room sink can facilitate your life.

Your home is your castle, but everyone knows who’s really in charge. Most household pets rule the roost. They live a life of stress-free luxury except for intrusions by passers-by, delivery people, gardeners, and trash collectors. Here’s a great idea for dealing with the royal coat of dirt that your pet so single-mindedly collects. You can attach a wand to your utility sink to make the royal scrubbing less of a scullery chore.

Choosing The Right Style Of Utility Sink

The material that you choose for your laundry room sink can serve distinct design and function roles. Stainless steel is a great choice for a workhouse sink that’s used for multiple purposes every day. Enameled cast iron sinks are among the most durable sinks for dealing with lots of use. The baked-on finish resists staining, chipping and scratching.

Solid surfacing allows you to build a sink that’s made of the same material as your counter for a seamless appearance and resistance to water penetration. Solid surfacing is a material composed of acrylic, epoxy or polyester resins, the pigment of your choice and Alumina Trihydrate. Also, it’s ideal for creating a seamless countertop.

Traditional sinks are made from porcelain and acrylic, which is the cheapest material. However, if you’re into gourmet kitchen design, you might want to complement your copper cookware with a copper utility sink.

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Laundry Room Sink: Benefits & Other Considerations

There are so many uses for a sink in the laundry room that the benefits become immediately apparent once you consider the issue. These deep sinks provide a place where you can clean items without excess splashing or contaminating food preparation areas. Cleaning large pots and pans is a breeze when you have the right sink available for the job.

If you’re like most people, you’ll want to design the sink to be functional but also to complement your laundry room. These sinks typically begin at a 10-inch depth up to 25 inches or deeper. The most common shapes are square or rectangular. Where you choose to place the sink is also important.

Putting your sink near the washer increases its utility. You can filter wash water for debris and transfer pre-soaked clothes easily to the washer. This strategy also saves money by enabling you to keep the plumbing lines together to minimize installation costs.


Options To Find The Right Style Of Laundry Room Sink

Utility stinks come in many styles included wall-mounted, cabinet-based and vintage styles such as enamel-coated cast iron. Freestanding sinks offer easier convenience if you’re frequently washing big pots or maneuvering mop buckets in and out of the sink. However, other features that you might choose include:

  • Optional drainboards
  • Drop-in sinks that fit into existing counters
  • Undermounted sinks that leave your countertops clear
  • Apron-fronted models that deflect water splashes and foster the look of a vintage country kitchen
  • Spray wands
  • Floor-mounted models that stand alone with plenty of surrounding space for bulky cleaning items

Your home is your castle, and the cleaning chores often make it seem as though you’re cleaning up after an army. You can make all your cleaning jobs easier by installing a utility sink in the laundry room of your home. Be sure to call a reputable plumber to find out more information.

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