Save $25.00 on rooter service in your Lehigh Valley area home or business

Rooter Service Allentown PAUnderground pipes (and plumbing systems) are sometimes affected by tree and plant roots. In some instances these roots damage your home’s pipes and prevents them from functioning normally. When this happens, the roots clog the drains and create drainage problems.

Root clogs

Once roots break through pipes, they continue to create more destruction with ongoing growth. The roots grow and spread in and around the your home’s pipe, making it harder for the pipes to drain correctly. Additionally, debris and plumbing waste gets trapped by the roots creating serious blockages. With Robinson Plumbing’s rooter service, you can rest easy knowing that these roots have been removed and your plumbing pipes have been replaced so your home’s plumbing system will be 100% operational again.

Collapsed pipes

Roots that have been growing around your pipes may cause the pipes to collapse. In the event that your pipes have collapsed or have been weakened to the point that they may collapse, you will need to have a professional rooter service performed. Our expert plumbing technicians at Robinson Plumbing can replace pipes that have collapsed. Call us to discuss your options to avoid future root problems in your home or business.

We had our sewer pipe clogged and called Robinson Plumbing’s number around 8pm. I was surprised that someone answer the phone. Matt, the plumber, was very professional. He let us know he will be here the next day between 11am-1pm (unlike others would tell you between 8am-5pm and show up two days later). He came as scheduled and called us 15 minutes before arrival. Matt is knowledgeable, pleasant, and reasonably priced. He is quick and thorough.

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