Frozen pipe repair and prevention in your Lehigh Valley home or business

frozen pipe breakThe winter season brings the risk of having frozen pipes in your home or business that can result in huge problems. One snap or crack may damage large portions of your entire home’s plumbing system. When a pipe is exposed to freezing temperatures, the water inside the pipe freezes and expands. In this situation, the pressure build up in the pipe is so extreme that it causes the pipe to burst open. When a pipe breaks due to a freeze up, hundreds of gallons of water per hour might enter your home resulting in enormous amounts of water damage.

Water damage is not only harmful to your property, it is also very costly! The damage from bursting pipes may add up to thousands of dollars to repair. As a precaution against this risk, it is prudent to consult with a trusted plumber to take all necessary precautions to prevent the possibility of having your pipes freeze and burst. The experienced technicians at Robinson Plumbing are highly trained in identifying the possible conditions that may lead to freezing pipes. They will consult with and educate you on the necessary steps to prevent this situation from happening in your home.

Freeze up prevention

When looking at potential causes of freezing pipes, it is important to understand the typical places that freeze-ups occur. The most common locations where a pipe may freeze are:

‚ÄčIn the event of a freeze up where the pipes do not burst, there are several methods that can be employed to thaw the pipe. However, it is best to have a professional plumber look at the situation to avoid damaging other parts of your plumbing system. At Robinson Plumbing, we are trained to handle situations like these with skill and ease. Protect your home and your investment. Call us to handle your freeze up.

I’ve call Robinson Plumbing twice in the last week to assist me with problems related to frozen pipes at my rental property. In both instances their response time was exceptional and the results were fantastic. These guys are all profession not only when it comes to dealing with the problem at hand, but also when it comes to dealing with people. I’d highly recommend them for any plumbing problem and I’ll be sure to rely on them again in the future.
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